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    problem on freq drift of LO in bluetooth system

    Hi, ge,thank you for your answer, the temperature coefficient is a problem. In the schematic simulation, I've found that a temperature drift of only 0.015 degree may lead to a frequency drift of 15KHz. But, the transceiver is working in full-duplex way in TDD mode. That is, whether it is in...
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    problem on freq drift of LO in bluetooth system

    Hi, RFCMOS, thank you for your answer, but I haven't understand it well. 1 time slot equalls only 625us, so, and would the possible temperature drfit be so evident to change the frequency drift? And how could I verify that it is caused by the temperature? Would you please give some examples or...
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    problem on freq drift of LO in bluetooth system

    Hi, friends, I met a strange problem!!! In bluetooth sytstem, the tolerance of freq drift of fc for a packet with 1/3/5 time slot is 25KHz/40KHz/40KHz. And the test result verifies that the longer packet with 3/5 time slots would have higer freq drfiter than the one with only 1 time slot...
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    why the poles of polyphase filter are logarithmicaly spaced

    Dear all, why the pole frequencies are logarithmically spaced? It is said to get equiripple response. But I wanne know more details. Could anyone enlight me on this topic or up load some reference? I know a paper R.C. V. Macario and I.D. Mejallie, "The phasing method for sideband swlection in...
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    as for rc calibration

    I am searching for some reference materials on this topic. Are there anyone familiar with it? Yes, I know, it is used to compensate the unaccuracy introduced in in process. But, no detailed information on it has been found. Thank you in advance.
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    offset cancellation loop of limiting amplifier

    Hi, friends, a low pass filter is usually used to cancel the DC and low frequency offset caused by mismatch in limiting amplifer. However, I have difficulty in deducting the theorectical function. Could anyone of you help me on it? Or, are there any materails on this topic? Thank you all...
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    LA or AGC? it is a puzzling quesiton.

    Hi, friend. I know that LA(limiting amplifier) and AGC( automatic gain control) are 2 candidate for the post amplifier/or Main amplifier in optical tranceiver. And I already know some of their advantages and shortcomings. I have 2 quesions: (1) Since LA is more fast in transient response(no...
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    the bandwidth of LA(limiting amplifier)

    Dear IanP, do you mean that the requirement of bandwidth can vary according to the system arrangement? For example, with a 4-order Bessel filter, 0.8 times of data speed would also be enough, right?
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    the bandwidth of LA(limiting amplifier)

    Hi, friends, I have some doubts in the decision of the bandwidth of the LA (limiting amplifier). I've been told that 0.8 times of data speed is enough, a higher bandwidth will introduce more nosie. However, I also read in some books and paper that 1.0 to 1.2 times of data speed is the...

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