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    waveguide leaky-waves slot antenna (sidelobes & CST sim.

    antenna sidelobes Hi, all. I'vw already posted some messages on similar topics, but this will be summing up. i have to design and analize properties of a leaky-waves antenna. The structure is a rectangular waveguide with a long slit along it's narrow side. I use CST Microwave Studio to...
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    [need help] leaky-waves waveguide antenna

    Hi, all. I found some helpful information on this topic. Dr.John_L.Volakis.Antenna Engineering Handbook Fourth Edition.pdf - there's a chapter in this book on this topic with lots of references to other works. --- Traveling-Wave Slot Antennas * J. N. HINESt, ASSOCIATE, IRE, V. H. RUMSEY...
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    [need help] leaky-waves waveguide antenna

    leaky waveguide antenna Hello all! I need more information on this topic - leaky waves in waveguides. long straight slots on waveguides narrow side. in theory main beam in such an antenna has directivity: cosθ=λ0\λw. where λw is waveguide wavelength. I want to explore main beam and sidelobe...

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