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    Banked and Unbanked Flash and Paged and Unpaged RAM

    Hi guys, Plz some body explain what is difference between Banked Flash and Non-banked flash. What is difference between Paged RAM and unpaged RAM. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    PCB Trace Width for 63A current carrying net

    Dear All, In my project I am designing the 20A,14.3V forward converter. After calculations the peak current of converter 63A. Please let me know how to calculate the trace width for 63A current carrying net. Trace width calculators are available in internet, but all calculators maximum current...
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    What do you wish to know? How to calculate cut-off frequency

    Dear fcfusion, I want know inductor and capacitor value calculation for forward converter. The operating frequency of forward converter is 24KHz. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    Filter Design (Power Supply Filter Design)

    Hi everybody, Normally in Forward converter at the output side LC filter is used. In attached document schematic of Forward Converter is used. In that LC filter is used at the output side. Please can any body explain how to design output LC filter. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    How to design the Filter

    Hi everybody, I have to design a filter to smooth the output inverter bridge output. The attached document shows sample circuit. In that sample circuit LN filter is used to smooth the PWM ouput to sine wave. Please some body explain how to design the LN filter. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    what is the use of delimiters in Control Area Network (CAN)

    In the CAN there are two delimiters (ACK and CRC). Please can any body explains the what are uses of delimiters in the CAN. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    Push-pull Boost converter

    Please any body give the design details about push pull configuration boost converter. Which type of transformer is used in this configuration. How to design this transformer. Please suggest any reference designs of push pull converter. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    Cannot open include file "timescale.v, i2c_master_defin

    Dear All. When I am simulating the Verilog project (with "include files" in the project) in Questasim simulator, I am getting the following Error Error: E:/i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/i2c_master_bit_ctrl.v(138): Cannot open `include file "timescale.v". ** Error...
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    What is Error Active Station and Error passive Station

    Dear All, Please some body explain what are Error Active station and Error passive station in the Controller Area Network. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    What is the relation between infrared pulses and 38KHz frequency?

    Hi every body, I want use TSOP34838 as Infrared Detector. When I gone through the data sheet I didn't get the what is 38KHz carrier frequency in the data sheet. Normally the Infrared data is in type of pulses. Please some one explain what is the relation between infrared pulses and 38KHz...
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    I2C device addressing - why 4 MSB are fixed?

    I2C device addressing Hi, In I2C compliant devices why 4 Most significant bits are fixed. Example All EEPROMs address start with 1010 and next three bits are A2A1A0. I am assuming to reduce the address decoding logic. Is there is any specific reason. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    How to calculate distance between two tracks

    Hi guys, How to calculate distance between two tracks in the PCB. The tracks carrying either power or signals in PCB. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    Non linear operation of an OP-AMP used as a non-inverting amplifier

    hi guys, I am operating OP-AMP as a non-inverting amplifier. My problem is op-amp is not operating linearly. Always output = gain * input + offset. The problem is offset is not constant. It is varying with different values of input. I am attaching my schematic and data sheet TLE2142 of my...
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    waht is the structure filed

    hi every body, What is the structure field in C language. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    voltage difference between bridge rectifier and earth

    bridge rectifier earthed circuits Dear friends, Please explain any body why bridge rectifier negative terminal is not same voltage level to earth. In my circuit the voltage difference between negative terminal of bridge rectifier and earth is 105-110V. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    What is the difference between earth and ground

    difference between earthing and grounding Dear friends, I want know what is difference between the "ground" and "Earth". Is "Earth" and "Ground" are same. Can I connect "Ground" directly to "Earth". Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    how to calaculate IGBT "ON Resistance"

    igbt resistance Hi everybody, How to calculate IGBT "ON Resistance". I am using SGP23N60UFD in my design. In MOSFET parameter(Rdson) is there for "ON Resistance". In SGP23N60UFD data sheet no where such parameter is not mentioned. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    how to calculate the Current transfer ratio of Optocoupler

    current transfer ratio hi guys, I am using FOD817 optocoupler in my design. As per the data sheet, the current transfer ratio of FOD817A is 80-160. My query is how to measure the CTR and how to fix the CTR. Regards V. Naresh Kumar Advay Solutions Pvt. Ltd
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    What happens when AC Contact relay operates in DC

    Relay What happens when AC Contact relay is operates in DC. Ex:230V/10A rating relay is connected 30V DC supply. thanks advance Regards V. Naresh Kumar
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    What is "Bootstrap Diode"? How is it different fro

    Bootstrap Diode Hi guys, What is "Bootstrap Diode". In what way it is differ with normal diode. Why these are used in 3-phase Bridge driver applications. Please give some applications other than Bridge drier applications. thanks advancely...... Regards V. Naresh Kumar

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