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    Pipeline ADC (Matlab)

    I need Matlab code of pipeline adc to evaluate inl error for some situations such as MDAC gain = 1.9 , 1.98 , 2 , 2.02 , 2.1 (8bit pipeline ADC and 14bit pipeline ADC - only first stage) Thank you very much.
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    LTE system with Pipeline ADC

    1ı mentioned it above, which is my graduation project. The project will be explained a little more. LTE matlab model based on OFDM evaluate bit error rate according to EB/N0(dB). I added Pipeline ADC model to receiver of LTE model without ADC. Also, i analyzed bit error rate(BER) by changing...
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    LTE system with Pipeline ADC

    I have Matlab code of Pipeline ADC model. Also, i have Matlab code of LTE System without ADC. These 2 codes work without problem. How can i add to ADC code in LTE System. Block Diagram of LTE System ---> Kindly help me for this. Thanks!

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