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    Usb host and charge on windows tablet

    Hi all, I'm trying to do diy docking for windows tablet. but, i'm not able to figure out how to enable charging and usb host simultaneously. Anyone know details on how to enable this feature. please advise. thanks in advance.
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    Software pwm to drive RGB LED

    Hi i'm a newbie. I'm trying to develop software pwm to drive RGB LED using interrupt. but seems the code i developed doesn't works even the code was successfully compiled. Need experts help on my code. my code as below and i'm using HI TECH C v9.83. thanks in advance.. :-) Code: #include...
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    help needed Hi Tech C code for 16f877a

    Hi Tech C for 16f877a Hi, I need help to convert double value to array in Hi Tech C for pic16f877a. I have tried day and night but still not able to do it. Someone please help on this. Thanks in advance... Rgds, Aghielan
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    Where do I get the latest firmware for Huawei B932 3g Router

    Huawei B932 3g Router Hi, Where do I get the latest firmware for Huawei B932 3g Router? Someone please help me. appreciate your kind help on this. thanks in advance... :-):-)
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    FreeNAS as Windows Primary Domain Contoller

    freenas windows domain Hi all, Currently i'm setting up NAS at home using freeNAS. I'm trying to make it as a primary domain contoroller too. So far I end up with failure. I'm really appreciate if anyone could help me on this. thanks in advance...
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    BIOS P.O.S.T diagnostic card circuit

    i'm looking for BIOS P.O.S.T diagnostic card circuit. I'm really appreciate if anyone could help me. thanks in advance
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    Circuit schematic for 12v atx power supply

    Hi all, anyone have atx power supply circuit with 12v supply? Please help me on this.. Thanks in advace... rgds, aghielan
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    media player without operating system

    Hi all, I planned to make my old PC as media player which can play Video n audio. The problem is, it takes time boot if i'm using winXP to do this job. I'm looking for OS which only take few seconds to boot and play media files directly (something like HDD player). Is there any free operating...
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    I need +/- power supply circuit with coarse, fine & curr

    power supply lab circuit ds Anyone do have positive and negative power supply circuit for 0-30v with corse, fine and also current adjustment? Please help me on this. Thanks in advance.
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    Website that has component cross reference

    Do anyone know any website providing component cross reference? Thanks in advance
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    Help me find a part number of zener diode with 7.5B3 markings

    anyone can help me to find part number of a zener diode? I tried to search in google and yahoo but i'm not sure with what i found. The marking on the zener diode is 7.5B3. I'm really loking forward of your help. Thanks in advance.
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    How to identify part number of SC-70

    Hi all, Anyone can help me tell how to identify part number of Shrink Small outline transistor(SC-70). Here i attached the image of the package type. I found a defective comp from my circuit board need to be replaced. But, i'm unable to identify the part number. I would really appreciate if...
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    Calculating resistor value for voltage regulator

    I'm trying to do a phone charger for car using used components. I have attach a simple/basic regulator circuit using LM317. I want to set the output of the circuit at 6v & around 500mA. Where this is the output of my indoor charger. I tried to calculate the resistor value using this formula...
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    How to read signal and set sampling rate from PC audio line-in?

    How to read signal & set sampling rate from PC audio Line-in. What is the address? please help me on this topic. Thanks in advance..
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    How to make streaming using USB ?

    USB streaming i'm still new to USB. can anyone tell how to make streaming using USB? I want to send a stream signal via USB to my pc in a real time with 1-5 Mbps tranfer rate. What are the things that i need to take note.Thanks in advance...Δ
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    How does touch screen/pad work?

    Anyone how does touch screen/pad works. Pls help on this topic to enhance my knowledge.

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