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    Question about PCell from Tools menu

    Hi all, Have you ever used PCell from Tools menu in Layout Cellview? Here what I tried, but have nothing.: - Open a layout cellview - Click on "Tools" menu, and select "PCell" Result: There is no window popped up. In CIW window, it shows " Loading pCellGen.cxt ..." What should I do to make it...
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    Questions for Spring Oscillator

    Hi All, Could you please explain me about Spring Oscillator in Electrical field? If you know any useful websites have these information, please share them with me. Thank you very much, A.T
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    How to integrate PCell into PDK?

    pdk file Hi all, Does anyone know how to integrate PCell into PDK? If you do, please give me some steps how to do it. And how to generate a GDS file to LAFF format? Thanks in advance!!! A.T
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    Need help on Assura & StarRCXT

    Hi all, I have no knowledge about Assura, and StarRCXT. I'm looking for some good materials/docs/websites for those to help me understand how to implement them in my project. Please, have some inputs/feedbacks. Many thanks! A.T
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    How to invoke "AutoRoute" by using SKILL functions

    Hi all, Assume that all components placed in a layout cellview (Virtuoso XL). In this cellview, we can route by click on "Routing" -> "Export to Router", then the "Export to Router" window pops up, all parameters entered into the form, then click "OK" button. Now, the .dsn window pops up. Does...
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    What is the METTOP layer?

    What is METTOP layer? Hi all experts, I have these 2 questions, please help me with some answers. 1. What is METTOP layer? If I work with the technology has 7 layers, so is the METTOP as the same as MET7? 2. And what is POR layer? Many thanks, A.T
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    What does POR layer stand for and what is it functions?

    What is POR layer? Hi All, Do you know what POR stands for? What are functions for this layer? Thanks very much for your input! A.T
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    How to write SKILL code to produce a layout ?

    Hi all, Do you know any SKILL functions that can produce a layout from a given simple schematic? Really appreciated for your help. A.T
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    Why resistors and capacitors are called as passive component

    Passive Components Hi all, Do you know why resistors and capacitors are called as passive components? Big thanks! A.T

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