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    Numerical analysis help plz!!!! (who can prove this?)

    I think the problem is not well stated. How \[p_i\] is defined? Is there any relation between \[g(x)\] and \[p_0\]?
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    [req]Abstract State Machines: A Method for High-Level System

    Re: [req]Abstract State Machines: A Method for High-Level Sy Link available hxxp://
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    can someone check my circuit?it can't work, thanks

    Hi, I think that your problem is due to the high number of parallel resistances and their low values. You have ten resistances of 82Ω+130Ω =212 Ω in parallel. If possible try to increse these values to 820+1k3 or 8k2 + 13k, for example.
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    Simulink Matlab Function Block Question

    Hi, After reading your post I think that the block you are looking for is a lookup table 2-D. This block has two inputs, which are used to access the elements of a matrix, defined inside the block (you can use its workspace name).
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    If anybody need help in EAGLE, ask me in this POST !

    multiple sheets eagle I need to repeat some parts of a design so I use cut and paste tool, but I have to place and route the copied parts again. So, is there any way to do this task automatically? Thanks a lot, Elnenez
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    Simulink Matlab Function Block Question

    simulink function block Hi, You could use a mux block to group several signals in the same line. But in your case it's not possible becase one input is a matrix and the dimension of the signals to be grouped would be different. Maybe the best solution is to create a S-Function, but it is more...
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    DSP evaluation board selection

    Hello, I need to process between 5 and 8 audio signals sampled at 8kHz, and I was thinking about using a Texas Instrument evaluation board. The problem is that I only have found EVM or DSK with only one codec, except a third party EVM which accepts 8 input and 8 output, but this board has...
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    How good is WIN CE compared with Windows XP embedded

    Windows XP embedded is a customizable version of Windows XP, only valid for x86 architectures. Windows CE is not based on Windows XP, it's valid for several achitectures (ARM, x86, ...) and it's a Real-Time operating system. There is a lot information at microsoft web page...
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    Vector quadratic equation

    I think the answer is no, because you have only one equation to solve N unknowns, and therefore you will have infinite solutions.
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    Quadrature decoder IC's

    pic quadrature decoder Check https://www.lsicsi.com/, they have 24-Bit Dual-Axis Quadrature Pulse Counter, maybe it can help you.
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    Need Hough Transform source code

    hough transform c++ Hi, Check the OpenCV library. It contains an implementation of Hough transformation. It's available for several platforms, linux and windows included. Check OpenCV
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    Need for Switching mode Power Supply from 24V to 5V

    Take a look at maxim-ic homepage. E.g., MAX831 is a DC-DC step down converter, 5V 0.5A output, and high efficiency.
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    Integration of √(tanx)

    Re: Integration of √(tanx) \[\frac{-2 tan ^{-1}\left(1-\sqrt{2} \tan ^{\frac{1}{2}}(x)\right)+2 \tan ^{-1}\left(\sqrt{2} tan ^{\frac{1}{2}}(x)+1\right)}{2 \sqrt{2}}\] \[+\frac{\log \left(-tan(x)+\sqrt{2} tan ^{\frac{1}{2}}(x)-1\right)-\log \left(tan (x)+\sqrt{2} \tan...
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    any help regarding RTLinux programming

    Here you can find some tutorials, examples and a comparison between RTLinux and RTAI. (Some documents in spanish) hxxp://rtportal.upv.es/
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    Power window motor control

    LMD18200 is a H-Bridge from National with a digital interface. Datasheet here: hxxp://www.national.com/ds/LM/LMD18200.pdf
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    You can visit hxxp://www.analog.com/salesdir/ for local distributors
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    Looking for good manuals to learn Matlab quickly

    Re: matlab This could be useful hxxp://www.maths.dundee.ac.uk/%7Eftp/na-reports/MatlabNotes.pdf an introduction to Matlab by David F. Griffiths.
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    How to determine the stability of Inverted Pendulum?

    Re: Inverted Pendulum You could apply Lyapunov theory. You can find information about that in hxxp://www.ece.ucsb.edu/~hespanha/ece229/ lectures 7 and 8.
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    Need Eagle Lib for MSP430

    eagle msp430 Hi revolt, Check this https://www.olimex.com/dev/soft/MSP.zip Bye, Elnenez
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    WG2002 class not registered error.

    class not registered 00000010 Sorry, but I don't know the improvements it makes. A question, Which library do you use? the one with mentor pack is very poor.

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