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    [PIC] VU meter (2x10 or 2x16 LEDs)

    Zuis, I tried your code to compile with PBP3.0, it doesn't work, I get an error. Can you write to Pic Basic. Eril,,
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    Vertical Scroll LCD 2x16

    Easyrider83....., You mean just replacing first to second one, it mean something like below.
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    Vertical Scroll LCD 2x16

    Hi All, Actually when we use to display some character on LCD is HORIZONTAL, ....can anyone help me how to do it to VERTICAL SCROLL TEXT. Btw I am use compiler MikroC. Thanks.
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    On Off Switch (Push Button) With A PIC16F628A

    Hello Everyone, I am here want to share with you for this project, this project i called is 'On Off Swith'. On below you will find : 1). Schematic. 2). Code. 3). Project in Proteus. Hope this project help you. Mercy, Eril. Thanks For DO & PP.
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    Led On Control By Switch Dip

    Hello Everyone, I want to share my little DIY for you, this simple project I called is Led On Control By Switch Dip. One LED will up once Switch Dip is On, you can choose one of them. Mercy, Eril.
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    Psu dc8-13 volt 35a with lm324

    Hello, Here are schematic of PSU DC 8-13Vdc 35A using LM324, you can modified and test it under proteus, this power supply include the protection of short circuit. Merci.
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    On And Off Switch Hold With Delay, PIC16F628A

    Hello, At yesterday I forgot to attaching the picture, here a picture. Merci.
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    [SOLVED] Selective Delay Off Timer

    Helo P.P, It's Okay.....I am appreciate with your helping me, I feel it's not to important for me...I am doing microcontroller only for hobbies and love interaction in forum to share to each other. :thumbsup::smile::smile::smile: Merci.
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    On And Off Switch Hold With Delay, PIC16F628A

    Hello, This program I founded in other web forum, then I try to a bit modification on the program. I got this idea, because I seen on my electronic device at home there are power button, the functioned same like this project. One times you press the button and power will lit then after you...
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    [Moved] BLF177 Board FM Amplifier For 87Mhz - 108 Mhz With 150 Watt (Sprint Software)

    Hello All, I have made a PCB Power Amplifier using transistor BLF177, refer to the datasheet this transistor will produce around 150 Watt with supply at 50Vdc. I want to share to you this PCB design, then you can build by your self at home. Firstly you should have the software, I use for this...
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    [SOLVED] Selective Delay Off Timer

    Hello P.P, I want for the timer is 5 minute, 10 minute, 15, minute, 20 minute and 60 minute delay. I has download your program yesterday, and simulate to proteus but your program is different with my expectation, I want like DeepOne program but in MikroC Pro AVR. Could you please sent your...
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    [SOLVED] Selective Delay Off Timer

    Hello P.P, After look at DeepOne Simulator into Proteus, what I looking is same as him made, only I need to translate the code to MikroC AVR, for the time delay LEDs to turn Off after complete counting the minute and then relay will turn ON. For the time I need begin from 5 minute, 10 minute...
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    [SOLVED] Selective Delay Off Timer

    Hello DeepOne, I am a newbie, just learning the microcontroller, I am using mikroC AVR. Look at your coding above, that the function is very smooth and great for me, so Could you please convert your code to compiler MikroC PRO for AVR. :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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