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    How to give an external trigger to a PIC18 board?

    hi guys i want to knw how we can give external trigger to a pic18 circuit board. i am using mikro c for code and proteus simulation. if i give a trigger on one of the pins, it should glow the led's connected to some other port. the program works fine with mikro c and proteus.. but when i test...
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    write into mmc (memory card) from pic

    hi all, i am a beginenr in pic programming, and i very urgently need to know how to write data from a pic port into a mmc... i have very less idea abt mmc and pic programming.. i am using a pic18f45550 controller in order to do this.... but am not getting idea how to start the process....it...
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    write into mmc/sd card using pic18f4550

    hi, i need to transfer data from pic18f4550 to a mmc/sd card. i have just started working on pic18f, so dont have a deep understanding of the pic18....can anyone suggest how i go about storing data from a port in pic18 to a memory card... i need to store the data on the occurance of an external...
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    interfacing rtc with pic18

    Hi, I am doing this for the first time and getting stuck. cAN anyone please help me out in this - I need to interface a pic microcontroller (preferably pic18) with a real time clock- either using ds1307 or any other RTC chip. My e-mail id is adi265ster@gmail.com

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