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    effect of SMA in HFSS simulation

    Hey, I am interested to know what effect will adding a sma plug into the simulation do. Will it make a hugh difference or not. we simulated a antenna with hfss but when we did the anachoic chamber test the results were off a little and the s11 was also off. I have the SMA up through the bottom...
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    S11 vs antenna gain in patch antenna

    i have designed a patch antenna with a gain of 16db but only a maximum of -8db s11 for the frequencies i want. will this antenna be able to still transmit or do i have to get the s11 lower? i have heard that max should be -10db for the s11. i only want it to go max 100m
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    directional quasi yagi

    How would you go about making a quasi yagi directional is it simply a matter of increasing the number of directors at the distance relative to a normal yagi? if i use this https://www.dur.ac.uk/comms.systems/pdfs/unipolar%20wideband%20quasi%20yagi.pdf and than add more directors at a 1/2...
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    Help me with directional antenna design

    I am trying to create a directional antenna by using a simple patch antenna and a parabolic dish. i understand about having to guess the possition between the focal point and the dish but i was wondering what is the best for reflection what type of material. currently i can only get it down to...

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