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    network anayzer calibration set

    Hello, I would like to create a calibration set (open, short, load, through) using a network analyzer and an existing calibration set. The idea is to calibrate the VNA with the existing calibration set. Then, measure my "home made" calibration set with the VNA. The measured data should be...
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    dipole antenna: induced EMF method

    printed induced emf method Hello, The induced EMF method is being treated in Antenna theory written by Balanis and applied to dipoles and mutual coupling between dipoles. Does anyone know if and how this method can be applied to a plate dipole? Does anyone have a good reference? Thank you...
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    CAD of microstrip antennas software problem

    Hello, Regarding: CAD of microstrip antennas for wireless applications, Robert A Sainati, Artech House. The book is not for sale anymore at Artech House The programs are compiled in some basic version 16 bit and do not run on a 64 bit computer. Does anyone Know how to run them on a 64 bit...
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    diffraction specular vs. diffuse

    Hello, Is there a distinction between specular and diffuse diffraction as is the case for reflections? How is it quantified mathematically? Thanks. Best regards.
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    multipath reflection fresnel zone

    Hello, In https://adt.library.qut.edu.au/adt-qut/uploads/approved/adt-QUT20020326.160949/public/02whole.pdf at pp.49-53 the author talks about fresnel zones. Especially the fresnel zone due to reflections interest me. The author gives 2 equations 2.24 and 2.25 which are a bit foggy to me...
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    measuring circular polarized antenna problem

    understanding and measuring circular polarization Hello, I have a few doubts about measuring circular polarized antennas. One method is measuring the antenna under test (AUT) with a linear polarized reference antenna (RA) in 2 orthogonal planes. That is the RA is rotated 90° and the AUT's...
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    Component reference plane in microwave office

    Hello, When using lumped elements in a microstrip circuit simulation in microwave office, what is the reference plane of the connection? Is it the end of the component or does it have to do anything with the component footprint? Best regards.
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    Looking for 3 way splitter sequential 120°

    Hello, I am looking for a broadband (30%) 3-way splitter design with 120° sequential phase output (0°/120°/240°) in equal power. Preferably a microstrip implementation with or without lumped elements or any other off the shelve components. Thank you very much. Best regards.
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    electrical properties of several materials at L-band

    Hello, I am in search for the electrical properties (permittivity and permeability) at L-band of several materials such as, but not limited to: -various soil constitutions and humidity -construction materials (glass, concrete, reinforced concrete...) -natural obstacles such as trees Does...
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    green's function question

    hello, the green's function in free space is very well known (exp(j*k*R)/(4*pi*R)). however, for very small distances (R) the result becomes infinite. how can these problems be solved? is there a specific green's function for small distances (e.g. 1e-6*lambda)? best regards.
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    antenna phase center question

    hello, for calculation of the phase center of an antenna an elevation range is specified. what is the most common range for commercial gps antennas? is a different range used for chip based antennas, rover antennas, geodetic antennas (choke ring)? can anyone give some real life examples...
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    arm conical helix/spiral antenna for GPS

    hello, does anyone have the dimensions of a 4 arm conical helix/spiral antenna for GPS L1 + L2? I would like to study its performance with NEC2. if you have the NEC model, it would be of great help. thanks best regards
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    rf circuit analysis book?

    hello, I am looking for a book about rf circuit analysis. I am looking for circuit analysis with equivalent circuit models for transistor in conjunction with RLC networks, impedance networks... similar as thaught for basic electronic circuits, but for rf circuits. a book like malvino's about...
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    question about issue in Electroma fields multilayered struct

    hello, On page 42-43 of "Electromagnetic fields in multilayered structures" by Arun K. Bhattacharyya the input admittance is given as Yin=Y02+j*Yo1*tan(k1z*h). This is derived from transmission line theory. However, when I derive it I always get Yin=Y02-j*Y01*cot(k1z*h). The admittance of an...
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    antennas: brightness temperature question

    hello, as very well known the brightness temperature varies with elevation and frequency. there is a location dependence (urban, rural...) as well. I am looking for graphs, equations and other information in order to quantify the brightness temperature with respect to all relevant parameters. I...
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    Dorne-Margolin antenna elements?

    dorne margolin Hello, Does anyone know what Dorne-Margolin antenna elements are? I have tried google, but was unable to find a physical outline/picture/drawing. Thanks. Best regards.
  17. K

    Problems with using VBA scripting language in CST MWS

    Hello, In order to automise the design of an antenna I have started to use the VBA scripting language. When using the "With Optimizer" block I run into trouble with the instruction: .SelectParameter "x", False". CST MWS indicates that the selected parameter does not exist whereas it has...
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    complex surface wave wave number

    hello, I have some trouble in finding the complex roots of a trancendental equation. The roots are the surface wave wave numbers (complex). Can this be simplified by using the real value only and taking the complex complex wavenumber to be sqrt(1-j*tanδ) times the real part? thanks best regards.
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    trimble stealth ground plane

    hello, does anyone have an idea what's the physics of the stealth ground plane technology of trimble (h**p://www.trimble.com)? my guess: some frequency selective surface, electromagnetic/photonic bandgap structure. does anyone have more detailed info of their technology. i am very interested to...
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    hfss questions from beginning user

    Hello, I am a beginning user of hfss and I have a few questions. I am currently evaluating hfss and want an unbiased answer on a few questions. how accurate are the resonance frequencies and quality factors calculated with the eigenmode solver? the eigenmode solver converges rapidly without an...

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