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    HFSS Inducot with Patterned Ground Shield

    How to simulating on-chip inductors with patterned ground shield? thanks in advaced
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    HFSS inductor + eddy current

    hfss eddy current Hi All, Does anyone know how to show eddy current in integrated inductor using HFSS or CST? Thanks in advanced.
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    How to simulating inductor with pattern ground shielded?

    momentum inductor polyshield I am use sonnet and momentum with AMS c35 parameters. So how to setup pattern ground shield in sonnet or momentum? Thanks in advanced
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    AMS inductor and PAD simulation

    Dear All, I am modelling Inductor in AustriaMS process but I am having troubles about modelling AMS pads in simulations, Does anybody has expecience in modelling inductors and pads? thanks in advanced L.
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    Problem install cadence in CentOS 4.5

    cadence centos Please help me with this error. " loading icms50.33-p111lnx86 5 image not found SL-11: Error loading software ... Refer to /tmp/load.msg2 for loading " thkz in advanced
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    Problem with measuring the inductor area in PCB inductor

    Plz Help, I have one pcb inductor with PBG ground plane, with area 4mmx4mm, I have available to measurements NA and SMA connectors, but for inductor area is impossible make connections. Is it possible make extensions using a complementer structure? Thkz in advance
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    What is slow-wave factor? and how to extract it?

    I am green in slow-wave, photonic bandgap... And I am trying to understand more about slow-wave factor. I read many papers that shows constant phase normalized by k0 (B/k0) or lambda0/lambda how compare slow-wave factor of conventional microstrip and pbg or dgs microstrip? I am not sure about...
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    ABCD matrix for inductor analysis

    Hello! I studying about spiral inductor, and I carry out S-parameters but I do not know how to do ABCD matrix analysis for inductor, I that it is the way to extract from s-parameters the lumped elements. Does anyone could explain how to analyze inductors using ABCD matrix? Thanks in advance...
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    Is it possible make holes in substrate layer with sonnet?

    Is it possible make holes in substrate layer? I have two metal layer, above and below the substrate, connected by via through hole, (circular air hole) on top metal and bottom metal. Thk in Advance
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    How to simulate RFID coil tag in Momentum?

    rfid coil Does anyone simulating RFID tags in Momentum? Plz, sharing examples. thz
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    How to simulate PBG antennas on Sonnet?

    I am interested about PBG antenna and inductor, but I am not sure about the better software to my application. I use sonnet (first choice) Momentum (second) IE3D (third) Dos anyone with experience in PBG simulation? I appreciate any kind of help. Thanks Advance Logan
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    What is the difference btween planar inductor & RFID coi

    planar inductor I am interested about RFID coil tag design but I have some doubts about. RFID coil tag is fundamentally an inductor or antenna? What kind of care I must have in design and simulation? If it is an antenna I must consider in simulation ground plane? what kind of port must be used...

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