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    stk 403-130 question

    I orderd some stk403-130 for the repairs of my sony brand audio system and got some stk433-130. could someone say if that is a substitute part and if it would work. I would like to know if it has the same pin out. Rasc
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    samsonic crt tv model#sm-tv-29-80a

    Hi techs, Can someone let me know where i could buy service manual for samsonic tv's also ultrasonic and viewsonic. I dont know who are the manufactures of these sets. Perhaps they are manufacured in asia or some latin american countries. Thanks, Rasc
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    Element hdtv model#flx3211b

    can someone help with a schem for this tv. It is a Element brand tv with model#3211b. There is no osd. When i power up tv the screen starts turns white. I have good sound. I need to trace the voltages from power suppy to ctrl. board. Rasc
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    crt combo tv model#tvcr1921a

    Hi Techs, Cansomeone help with some tips on this tv. On powering up tv the screen comes on blue color. and whenever i press the chanel buttons up and down it only goes to ch. 4, 3, and 67, but still remain in full blue color, there is no raster,. I would power off the set and imediately...
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    sylvania 15" tv model#6615lct

    can someone help please> Tv video and audio is good, except that it seems that some of the channels are locked. I get an onscreen message saying " PROTECTED PROGRAM BY TV 14 " and another screen marked ACCESS CODE " Dont know the acess code . please help. rasc
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    ORION TVmodel# TV1329A

    :-o i need service manual for orion tv 14" color. I have vertical problems, changed vertical ic's and caps , but still the same problem, CANNOT OPEN FULLY" I need to get into the service mode and adust vertical. Please help with schem. Rasc
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    daewoo flat screen tv model#dlx-32h1

    can someone tell me where i can purchase this processing board for the above color tv. The model number of board is #rsag7.820.1037. thanks in advance. Rasc
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    datasheet help tda9377ps/n3/a1604

    Hi guys, can someone please help with data sheets for tda9377ps/n3/a1604 and tda9377ps/n3/a1629. These ic;s are for samsung brand color television. Thanks Rasc8-)
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    Yahama Key board Model # Psr-550feser

    Can someone please help with a service manual for this yamaha key board. I found a few resistors burnt in the power supply section, and cant raed the values. Rasc:?:
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    schematic for Sharp tv model #20lk31w

    Need a schematic for color tv model # 20lk31w. I have been searching all around for this schem and can find one. Rasc
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    TV start up - need explanation, diagram of what starts TV

    tv start up can someone tell me how a tv start up after pushing the power buttyon on?can someone illustrate to me with a little digram where the voltages go to stary up the television. I know it has a flyback transformer, but i dont know if that starts the tv. Thanks, Rasc
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    help me with datasheet for ic# tda9353/n2/3

    help with datasheet can someone please help me with datasheet for ic# tda9353/n2/3. Thanks, Rasc
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    unlocking nokia cell phones

    can someone tell me where i could get some free lessons in unlocking nokia cell phones??? please help! rasc
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    where does B+ originate from in a tv set??. Is it from the regulator ic or from the flyback?? and where do i test to find this B+?? Rasc
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    re-help with measuring optocoupler

    vsmlibs, is it possible to use a solderless breadboard ??? and could u say if i can order one online and from where? Thanks for the idea. Ras
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    help with schematic for tv toshiba model 320as25

    toshiba schematic qayyaum. do u have schematic for tv Toshiba model # 20as25. need badly. will appreciate any help. Ras
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    measuring a optocoupler

    817b optocoupler can someone tell me how to measure an optocoupler with my DMM to see if its good or bad. i have an optocoupler with 4 pins # l0514the nomber below 817b. thanks for assistance Ras
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    help with rechargeable flourescent lamp

    have a rechargeable flourescent lamp ony 2 months since i purchase it. i suddenly noticed that it is not lighting whenever the curent goes off. dont know if it is not charging or if it is the bulb. can anyone say what may have gone wrong here.any clue or advice. Ras
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    how does a mos-fet transistor reads

    i need some help. can anyone tell me how to read and obtain the proper measurements of a fet with my DMM(digital multimeter). Have a fet K2141 , but dont know what reading to expect or atleast to know if it is shorted. any help appreciated. Ras
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    service manual aoc model # 4v

    Didake, Thanks for the manual(Gracias). Ras

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