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  1. chipmakers

    What is GDSII ? What does it means ?

    GDSII Dear Friends, Can anyone Explain About GDSII? Regards,
  2. chipmakers

    Slew Limit for clk pins

    Hi all Before CTS Stage We have to specify,Slew Limit for all Clk pins in our SOC design... How to Calculate Clk Slew Limit for Clkpins? Regards
  3. chipmakers

    The Magma commands for Skew Minimization

    Dear Dudes Can anyone tel me the Magma commands for Skew Minimazations? Tried force plan clock with -skew_phase,-clock_phase and -max_Skew options.. Still gettin Skew Violation... Anyone tel me the Suggestions for Skew Minimisation in Magma? Thanks n Regards

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