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    How to you generate 50hz o/p using PWM?

    Hi, wondered if someone can help with this. I'm trying to generate a 240v 50Hz o/p, using a dsPIC33 and PWM from a sine LUT. After many wks work I've managed to get some basic code running that is giving what looks like the correct PWM o/p ie. a PWMh and a complementary PWMl signal. Now the...
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    Some Help Please - using dsPIC33 to generate 50Hz sine wave from LUT...

    Hi, I am trying to get a dsPIC33FJ256MC710 to produce a 50Hz Sine wave o/p from a LUT. I now have some basic working code but I need to clarifty a few things regarding the PWM registers as there is no sine wave o/p as yet! PTPER reg is the PWM period reg and is pre-set with a value for this...

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