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    Interfacing GSM and RFID with Arduino

    i ve the similar code...i ve connected rx and tx pins on the arduino dev board to tx and rx pins of gsm sim 900 modem with max232.......i am not getting any response.i also checked with hyperterminal ,its working perfectly.......please help me out
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    how to connect mobile phone to microcontroller

    hey,please explain about hardware connection.i ve another doubt,if i send sms from a different phone to a phone which is connected to a microcontroller,how will the microcontroller receive the message,so that i can programme the microcontroller in such a way to control other devices.
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    how to connect mobile phone to microcontroller

    i ve a samsung gt c3303.how to connect this phone to a 8051 microcontroller.i need this in my project
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    bluetooth interface to microcontroller

    hey,i am doing a project on wireless network.i thought of using bluetooth module interfacing with microcontroller.i ve to control the robot system connected to microcontroller system through bluetooth.i ve to control robot using my bluetooth mobile device.so can u please help me,how to...

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