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    How to select amplifier?

    At all, I have a doubt, How to select amplifier for my application.. 1. sensor output is in mV, that one i want to use with 25 gain output.. calculation and all i am ok. 2. Single supply(+VCC and GND) or dual supply(+VCC and -VCC), Which one is better.. 3. Operational amplifier or...
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    FFT reading for 10Hz - 200Hz with frequency resolution of 0.5Hz.

    Want to measure frequency with FFT, Frequency range = 10Hz - 200Hz. Frequency resolution = 0.5Hz Which controller suits for this, and which FFT algorithm will give better results. I am new to this FFT concept. suggest your best...
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    Array initialization with PIC18F47k40

    I am facing this array initialization issue with PIC18F47k40. When i am initializing array with assigning values like unsigned int array[] = {0,1,10,100,1000}; //All the values of array elements taking 0x0000 I saw with debug in watch and variable window. If i assign like unsigned int array[0] =...
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    [SOLVED] AD420 DAC digital input range?

    Hi all, I want to know the input digital value range of AD420, I need output of 4-20mA, I configured according to the requirement, AD420 is a 16(0-65535)bit DAC, but my adc values are 10(1023)bit, How to make my ADC values to compatible with AD420.. Thanks...
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    What is MTTF(Mean Time to Failure) in laser diodes?

    What is the meaning of MTTF(Mean Time To Failure)?
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    Why the 7805 regulators are called as linear?

    Why the 7805 is called as linear regulator and what are the difference between the switching and linear regulators...
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    [SOLVED] Relays in Parallel to a single power supply?

    Is there any Problems if we connect two Relays for a same Power supply(Parallel) and switching on at a same time? Best Regards...
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    Is that possible to work MAX232 for 2 different voltages?

    I mean to say that, I wanted to use transmission with 3.3V and my reception is with 5V can i use a 3.3v transmission for that receiver using MAX232?

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