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    Deep nwell devices in tsmc65nm

    In analog layout devices should be laying inside NW ring, ring should be closed and connected to some high potential, finally all should be covered by DNW. Please check TSMC manual.
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    How to 'save and resume' SSH sessions ?

    Hi All, For something similar I use vnc over ssh. For details please see https://crl.ucsd.edu/handbook/vnc/
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    How to overcome poly density error in layout

    The easier way is make bigger space between device in layout.
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    cadence virtuoso 6.1.5 .oa file

    Hi Everyone, Last time I get some example of cell in .oa format (layout.oa).How can I open this file? Is any way to import it to virtuoso ? I will be grateful for help.
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    Hi: any one help me for install " Cadence.IC.6.15.Virtuoso " plz

    Hi You need use InstallScape, this software is use to install cadence product, you can download it from cadence.com

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