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    Questions about AC and loud buzzing noises

    ac buzzing noises Hey guys, I'm only a photographer, so I think I need your expertise here. I just bought a MotoMaster Powerbox 800 and I'm intending to get my portable studio lights to work off of it. My lights require 120V AC at 60Hz, and this box is supplying 120V AC, but I have no idea at...
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    specific LED behaviour: how can I achieve this?

    If I wanted an LED to behave exactly like this: What's the simplest circuit I could build that would do this? Note: the light is never completely off; it glows at medium brightness with a timed pulse of brightness. (This thread is an extention of this one here. I think it fits here.)
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    Laugh out loud newbie question: how much does voltage matter

    So I just recently learned what voltage and amps were, but I'm wondering about something. If amps are the actual measurement of electrical flow, then why are volts important? Voltage is a measure of the electrical "pressure", right? So as long as there are enough volts to get the electricity...
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    Beginner wants to build some circuit-controlled LEDs. Help?

    Hey all. I'm a hobbyist who usually works with woods, plastics and cardboard, but I've never done anything with electronics yet. I'm building a replica spaceship from the game Eve Online. Specifically, the ship is the Drake. As you can see, it has glowing spires and some lighting from the...

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