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    16 batteries inveter system

    pls I need an explantion on inverters that run on 16 (12 volts series connected) batteries. I only know about inverter working on 12 volts not 192 volts (12volts x16)
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    [SOLVED] battery duration calculation

    pls I need an explanation on the run time of a battery. for example with 500W load, how lond will it take a 12v 7ah battry to discharge. not that the battery is used to power inverter of output 220volts.
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    circuit diagram for power supply

    Pls I need circuit diagram of a transformerless power supply of 20volts, 3ampere
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    Transistor equivalent

    Pls i need transistor equivalent of ZTX300 and 2N3705
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    transistor equivalent

    which trasistor can i use in place of sl100
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    transistor equivalent

    Pls can bc547 be used in place of bc548 and buh515 in place of sl100 using d same biasing condition
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    Transistor equivalent

    Pls I need an equivalent of sl100 transistor used in 555 versatile water level controler
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    Looking for an inverter that can power up to 1 kW

    please I need an inverter circuit can can power up to 1kw by just using 12v dc power source
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    Looking for a power booster that can boost 22ov, 10A 3W AC signal to 2kw

    please i need a circuit than can booster 22ov, 10A, 3W ac signal to about 2kw
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    need power booster circuit diagram

    power booster please i need a circuit diagram that can amplify 220v ac 3W to about 1kW
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    What direction does current flow in an electric circuit

    in what direction does current flow in an electric circuit. does it flow in the same direction with eletron or different direction
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    electron flow in an electric circuit

    does current and electron flow in the same direction in an eletric circuit. in what direction does each flow
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    How to convert 12v DC voltage to 200v 50hz AC voltage?

    How can I convert12v dc voltage to 200v 50hz ac voltage

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