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    Antenna assignments solutions

    Dear all , Where can i find solutions for questions in antennas , i need to make sure that i am doing well ??
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    Help me in Dipole design Using 4nec2

    iam new in antenna design , i need some one to help of dipole antenna design by Using 4NEC2 software, design and analyze dipole antenna of length λ/20, λ/2, 3λ/4, and λ for FM Transmission. and if theres any good - short tutorial using 4Nec2 thank you all in advance
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    my LCD Display Shutdown After Few Seconds

    display shutdown after few seconds can any one help me in my LG 19 inch LCD ??? my LCD monitor Display Shutdown After Few Seconds i checked the power and evry thing is oki is there any way to solve it ? please help
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    PSD JTAG Programmer (F-link)

    hi all , ihave (psd813f4a) FLASH IN-SYSTEM PROGRAMMABLE MCU i need to update the software , and when i call the vendor theytold me i have to use F-link cable to upgrade the software on the system and theres a JTAG port from 14 pin on the system i tried using the regular JTAG containing...
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    Usb cable extender , plz help me

    hi all , in need to connect my LCD projector for distance at least 12 m to control by remote for powerpoint silides . when i tried 10 m USB cable the windows give me not recognized ,, bla bla bla bla but when i connect it for 2 meter it works good , then i guess i must increase the power of...
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    how to make you own VGA tester

    vga tester hi all , i had found a very helpful thing for pple who used to maiantain CRT monitors This project was born for repairing broken PC monitors. This allows to avoid using a computer while testing monitor patterns. The Tiny monitor tester uses ATTiny2313 AVR MCU running at 20MHz...
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    motherboard test card hi iwaan some one to help me to create a PCI POST card to test motherboard computer in simple and cheap creation method thank you in advance
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    is Theres any solution for LM1246 on CRT Monitors sockets ?

    Dear all I worked in CRT monitors since long time , i had found this IC LM1246 in LG CRT monitors 17 inch .this IC Works as RGB Vedio Amplifier in all common CRT Monitors They Used LM1269 , after i compared the Two Ic's To adopt LM1269 to LM1246 becuse i dont have this ic in my area . can...
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    looking for IC DP904C For Samsung CRT monitor

    dp904c hi all looking for IC DP904C For Samsung CRT monitor , this ic work in switch mode circuit in samsung crt monitors , can i replace it by any other circuit or any solution imean this ic contain mosfet transistor with feedback and protection , can i transform it as regular crt...
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    help in motorola transistor 9642

    motorola transistor numbering system please can any one help me to get a replacement for mototrola transistor 9642? motorola is a specified company looks difficult to get a replacement this transistor i found in Lexar80 Radio communication station , plz help
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    flash memory usb disk drive

    flash memory low level format -hdd can any one help me to repair my (mydata 1 GB ) flash disk , i plugged it without closing it , please help me if theres any softwares can help , i trtied disk difragment and every solution on windows but it cant work out if theres any software you can...
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    TOP225Y power transistor replacement please

    top225y hi all , ive got Zehender DX 200 digital reciver ,and theres a transistor in the main power circuit (TOP225y) are burned , itried to fetch it on my country but i cant locate it , i need to replace it please notice , i tried to use mosfet but iam worry about how can i use it ( mosfet...
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    please help on RTA1320 Router Reflash Firmware

    rta1320 jtag ihave RTA1320 Router , and in other countries called Dynalink , this kind of router loose his firmware for many reasone one of them the bad designe of power circuit . theres two way to programe this router , the first by Serial console cable , and the other by JTAG i tried to...
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    please help me IGPT Transistor CT60AM

    ct60am please help me IGPT Transistor CT60AM this is a IGPT transistor i found in Electrical circuit in Markteck machine ( racers machine) ididnt found this kind of transistors at my town and iam thinking about replacement is theres any way to replace IGPT by regular transistor or regular...
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    help me in C Programming

    examples of c program Please is theres a books to tech me how to get started with C Language not C++ cuz iam new in thi s field iam just looking for simple books and exercieses thankx
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    Flash , EEPROM Programmer

    please any one help me to built a simple flash programmer to reprograme it and if theres any circuits simply used to reprogramed BIOS ill be thankfully i used to reprograme it by Universal Programer but it coast me too much , but i need simply circuit to programe it regards
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    Good Technician looking for jop in Usa or EU

    hi , iam flexx , i am electronics and computers technician , used to work in this field in private work since i was 15 , now i got good experience in many fields . Computer Maintainance (Include monitors and UPS and power supply ) Networking , Router Programming Electronics Troubleshooting ...
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    please solve this integral of surface area

    please solve this integral of surface area , i tried many time but i think that i cant solve it , please help me x = sin y 0 ≤ y ≤ pi revloved about y -axis :cry::cry::cry:
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    Any one help me about cars computer circuits

    i need some one help about how to troubleshoot the car computers circuits , in fact i drive Volvo FH-16 and i have problem in the computer unit , the tourim speed under 5.5 and the truck so noisy , when i change this computer unit by another one the problems disappear . so please help if theres...
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    mosqito killer circuit (very useful)

    mosquito killer circuit hi there , i think theres many people hate mosqitoes , and i made a very simple circuit to kick out the mosqito for 10 meter diameter . you can try it with my best regards FLEXX

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