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    I2C problem with MPLABX (XC16)

    Hello everyone . I tried to use dspic30f3012 with i2c on ccs program and all's right. Now I'm trying to use the dspic with i2c on Mplabx. I used the mplabx with xc16 and this is the code : #include<i2c.h> void main(void ) { unsigned int config2, config1; unsigned char *wrptr; unsigned char...
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    small ac generator problemm

    Hello guys, I want to buy for my project a small ac generator to have a 12VAC to 18VAC per example and power of 10 W where can I buy this tiny generator . I tried to make a BLDC motor as a generator by using an ac drill but the result is 3 VAC on 25 rps I think . so please has anyone an...
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    Understanding Purpose of Feedback in Circuit

    Hello Guys, In the circuit below , I get this part of a big circuit. This circuit has an input of trianguler with a random offset , it's compared with the zero level and a pwm output is fed to push pull transistors, until now , no problem. But why the feedback exists in this circuit? Can...
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    incremental encoder problem in my project

    Hi everyone I have an incremental encoder with max counter 14400. the problem is when I want to go from position 14400 to 0 , what's the correct path ? for example : if I have a current counter 14300 and I want to go to 0, the normal trajectory is equal to one pulse but the encoder will go...
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    wifi booster recommendations

    hello everyone I want buy a wifi booster to let my router gives a long range in urban This wifi booster is 5W. can anyone help me to know what's the range or if this is a good product ? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/5W-2...l-Booster-Broadband-Amplifier/1666980415.html thank you
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    long range transmitter or antenna in urban (not in line of sight)

    Hello everyone what is the best method to transmit a video signal in urban with distance of 1000 feet (approx. 300 m) ? is this by using low frequency transmitter and antenna or by simply by using a high power ? thank you in advance for your posts . I have pleasure to know the answers from...
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    question about a circuit ( multiplier )

    Hello I found this circuit in an old book , I've drawn the circuit ( attachement) . With : - F : clock signal 100 Hz - M is a DC signal from -5 to +5 The author said that the result is M*F. Please let me know thanks in advance Zara

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