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    Altium Designer 13 - Nonsignal Layer Nname's and order messed up

    I'm going crazy here. I was given a PCB design to fix for a client. I opened it up and Something is screwy and I can't fix it... Problem 1) When looking at the long layer names (Right click on a layer tab -> select "use long layer names"), the yellow layer reads "Silkscreen Bottom". After...
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    [SOLVED] Industrial Motor Circuit Controller Board Randomly Resets

    My other samples all are working now with this change. For completeness, here is my theory: when the motor turned on the large current draw bogged down the 24 Volt power supply so that it either: 1) fell below the minimum voltage required by the 5 Volt regulator and therefore the 5 Volt...
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    [SOLVED] Industrial Motor Circuit Controller Board Randomly Resets

    I just put a 150 nF capacitor in parallel with the motor, and it glitched every time just as the motor turned on. Also, the inrush current waveform was much sharper (very high di/dt). This led me to not believe what I saw on my oscilloscope, and instead believe that the 5V supply WAS dropping...
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    [SOLVED] Industrial Motor Circuit Controller Board Randomly Resets

    About the Project: My software colleague and I (as the hardware guy) are working on a circuit to control a simple Brushed DC Motor. It's rated at 24 Volts, and it will be powered with a 24 Volt power supply, but it needs to be ran at about 12 Volts to run at the desired speed. To achieve the...

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