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    New open source embedded TCP/IP stack

    best embedded tcpip stack ppplink.lib contains lot asm code.I think to port the PPP + TCP for atmel.
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    Implementing PPP connection on 8051

    ppp software for microcontrollers you could take a look at Dunkels uip TCP/IP Stack with there is a port with ppp.
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    i want to make PIC programmer my self

    p16pro-like you could look at https://pic16f84.hit.bg. you can find simple programmer for PIC16F84.
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    help:I am a student in China started with mcu

    Learning how to use 8051 is the most easy to enter into the microcontroller's programming job .
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    Companies which offer online free sample ordering

    free sample microcontrollers you can receive samples from Linear Technology, CML, cygnal and chipcon. Only prepare and drop email to them.
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    NIOS 3.1 - how to install this core?

    nios is more expensive on fpga than xilinx
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    Synopsys & Cadence tutorial

    It is very simple Coding in VHDL for FPGA's .
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    The Nios® embedded processor v3.0

    What kind of tips do you need in detail?
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    Migration from Altera to Xilinx

    xilinx lpm library it will help you tho estilabsh the top level
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    ModelSim & simulating Stratix PLL

    modelsim stratix wait for the newest QuartusII 3.0!
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    What is a good starting point for FPGA design?

    altera is the general purpose best choice.
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    VHDL/Verilog Editor under Linux

    vhdl editor mac os x the Gvim is a very good editor under win32 for u
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    REQ: SystemC model for RISC CPU

    thanks /Warnings 1,2,3 Do not post "thank you" messages! You have made 5 useless posts today. (klug)/
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    Which language is beeterr for designing FPGA, VHDL or Verilog?

    verilog is easy to learn, so I choose it

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