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    License file installation

    read the doc come with the software
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    What's the best anti-virus for Fedora?

    Re: Anti virus?? Norton Antivirus , search google for link
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    What's the best book about analog design?

    Re: help me.. there is no good school there
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    Cadence IC5141 question

    ic5141 usr4 no, it doesn't
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    IC5033 on Fedora Core 6 64bit system

    no, tt can't
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    IC compiler 2005-install problem

    ic compiler install your package is wrong platform
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    22" LCD monitor resolution in linux

    linux big lcd screen refresh why buy an expensive monitor that doesn't work !
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    Opamp Gain calculation!

    it doesn't matter single or dual power supply. gain = vout/vin
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    What files do I need to run SE ?(the same as in Apollo?)

    Re: SE or Apollo Your question is very basic and can be found on Cadence or Synopsys document
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    power consumption 0.18 micron and 0.13 micron

    that's true. But in operating mode, the smaller technology the lower power required
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    Need recommendation for Backend design Ebooks/Docs

    Wrong ! Different products have diffrent flow. there is no such one flow fits all.
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    Need recommendation for Backend design Ebooks/Docs

    It takes only 15 minutes to know the flow. Not enough !
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    The advantages of using MAGMA for ASIC

    Re: ASIC with MAGMA There is no such free tool. 100K dollars maybe
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    Need documents about design of Flash memory

    Re: FLASH memory this site would help you https://developer.intel.com/design/flash/
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    How to modify the L-edit color set to the cadence set?

    Re: cadence to L-edit He might have Cadence at work and L-edit at home.
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    how to simulate ideal diode

    ideal diode in pspice Read an existing model and find out how it was done and try to modify it. It's not easy
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    What are the new features in HSPICE RF newest version?

    Re: HSPICE RF Yes, Hspice RF is a junk !. Use SpectreRF instead
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    How to size the pMOS and nMOS in NOR NAND XNOR gates?

    nor nand speed This is the most popular question asked in a IC design job interview

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