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    How to get 3 power supply ?

    what voltage you want to make from 3V ? you shoud read datasheet of parts you mentioned to make sure that the input voltage is appropriate for them.you mean you want switching power supply?
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    Am I not smart enough to do the assignment?

    never think that way. in the worst case one hasn't tried hard enough, so it is not a question of smartness at all. tell what you have done till now, I hope it is a big list.
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    learning to Interface !!!!

    first begin with interfacing your 8051 to serial port, you can use this to debug your programs on 51. after learning RS-232 you can move to parallel and interface your 51 to computer parallel port for faster communications. at the same time you may like to learn more about programming because...
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    Microsoft VC++ or Borland C++ builder ? Which one?why?

    I use VC++ & # for MS-windows programming. nobody understand windows better than microsoft!
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    How to transmit data over 2-wire DC power line ( e.g 5V)

    dc power line modem for such a long distance, use of a decent error-detection algorithm like CRC is a must.
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    parallel port cable pin discription?

    to asic1984: do you plan to write a communication software youself or you want to use a specific software for communication? if second case is true, name your software.
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    tlc7135 ADC pc interfacing

    you can read BCD value by your mcu and send it to serial port
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    How can i use Data Acquisition Card in Matlab?

    Data Acquistion the most difficult part of usb is driver development. does your serial->USB have pre-written driver or you plan to develop one yourself ?
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    parallel port cable pin discription?

    although there are some programs that require exotic geometries to communicate, but it is not common, parallel ports can cmmunicate happily on 1->1 proportion as I said earlier.
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    parallel port cable pin discription?

    to the contrary of serial cable, you can connect them on 1 to 1 proportion, means pin 1->pin1, pin2->pin2,....
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    parallel port communication?

    what OS do you use ? if it is win 2000/XP first you need a driver. you have the option to write it yourself(if you are an expert programmer) or you may find free drivers in internet. it also deponds on whether your parallel ports are bidirectional or not ? if they are bidirectional, one computer...
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    parallel port cable pin discription?

    if you want pin discription of parallel port goto https://www.beyondlogic.org if that's not what you meant, explain more, for what application.
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    How can i use Data Acquisition Card in Matlab?

    Data Acquistion there are AVR and 51 family of mcus with built-in usb and 10 bit 8 channel ADC. you mean every channel has about 5KHz bandwidth?if that's so and you want to reproduce the wave form on the computer, rs-232 is not a good choice. anyway I would usb. the actual version of mcu...
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    visual basic interface and rs232 control

    I went to the site and searched for PCL841. PCL841 is a PC interface card which communicates with CAN controllers, it has nothing to do with RS-232. you can use this card to communicate with microcontrollers that have CAN controller. are you a windows programmer I mean do you have Visual Basic...
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    visual basic interface and rs232 control

    what kind of control, do you want to communicate with another computer, a chip or ... ?
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    Any short-circuit protection for USB port on m/board?

    short circuit usb port I think you can't rely on that and you shouldn't. every manufacturer has its own way. what you can rely on is usb protocol standard and hardware specifications required by usb protocol.in that way even if one motherboard couldn't supply the maximum current, it is not your...
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    How to get 3 power supply ?

    your calculation is wrong. in a transformer Pin is almost equal to Pout. if you want to waste the energy and complicate matters for yourself, be my guest ; but it is not a good practice.
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    How to get 3 power supply ?

    to get an output with good stability, you should make sure that input voltage of regulator is not less than minimum input voltage specified in datasheet.using something like 20 volt unregulated DC to get 2A 5V is rather unwise because it leads to much unnecessary power dissipation. you can use a...
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    need help on assembly and c++

    I completely agree with me2please, c++ has nothing to do with microsoft or microsoft compiler. c++ uses the concept of encapsulation an inheritance to ease the use of c for large scale programming. if the compiler from microsoft is far from being perfect it is not a weak point for c++. but as...
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    Reducing EMI while driving Small Motors

    information provided by original poster is rather sketchy, what kind of power supply has been used ? what voltage ?how the voltage has been regulated ? what kind of motor (voltage, power) ? it would be very helpful if we could see the circuit. I didn't refer to the back EMF issue, because he...

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