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    calculation of field in the near field region of an antenna

    Re: calculation of field in the near field region of an ante try visiting the antenna supplier wb-site like Alan& Dick Company
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    What is the meaning of VSWR?

    Re: What is the VSWR? as close to 1 is good. at market, GSM antenna are available with 1.4
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    Looking for materials about ionospheric sounder

    Re: ionosphere you should visit the ieee.org, there are many related toic of your interest
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    wireless optical communication using link lan

    wireless optical communication ? is it bluetooth?
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    What is GUI and how to use it ?

    Re: GUI GUI is a high level programming. It enable the end user to use the programmed file without any hassle of understanding how the program programmed. It can be developed using many tools lik C, C++, Matlab, Visual C and many more :wink:
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    How to convert matlab m script file to executable?

    That feature is avalialble is Matlab 7.0 and it is newly launched
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    Interview questions for RF

    If you know your stuff well, you need not worry for tricky question because there is no tricks to play with, it's all work based on knowledge. The employer may not only see how you answer your interview well, but there are other things they will look in to for a prospectus employee, depending on...
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    Satellite Network Monitoring System

    satellite power monitoring my opinion: why not try use Matlab Simulink. It is a good tool and easy to use. Your project sound like a simulation, pls correct me if i am wrong. Using simulink, you may define your objective well and test your project.

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