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    Free Optics, Photonics & Laser Simulators List (reply if you know other software)

    Hello Here is a list for all free optics, photonics & lasers simulation softwre If you know other free softwares (opensource, educational versions, ... etc) mention them in a replay and I will add them to the list pyofss https://curvedthoughts.com/pyofss/ MPB...
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    25 ohms connector or termination for PCB

    Thanks for all your help The original problem was how to measure a matching circuit (matches from 25 to 50 ) ? the answer was to terminate the 25 ohm side with a "matched" 25 ohm impedance to avoid reflections so I want a termination, either printed or SMT or IC, that has a load impedance of...
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    Solar cells Graduation project

    Hello I want to ask for ideas for graduation projects in the field of renewable energy I want it to include solar cells in someway or the other Any help would be appreiated Also books or tutorials or other supporting materials would be a great favor Thanks in advance
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    25 ohms connector or termination for PCB

    Hello I want to buy a 25 ohms termination that can be mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB) or I want an SMA connector with 25 Ohms impedance Thanks in advance Best Regards
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    impact of the loss tangent................

    the loss tangent represents the loss in the dielectric so if the loss tangent of the dielectric is high, the antenna efficiecny would be low as the losses are high on the other hand if the loss tangent is low this will enhance the antenna performance in terms of GAIN & efficiency
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    [SOLVED] Help in understanding a solution of a problem

    Hello I have a receiver design problem and its solution but I can't understand it anyone can help me with it ?
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    [SOLVED] Smallest antenna connector

    Hello I am making a GSM board and I need it as small as possible What is the smallest possible connector to connect an external antenna I can buy any antenna with any cable but I must decrease the size of the board the the minimum Thanks
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    [SOLVED] what is the antenna connected to this module

    Thanks for all of you I conclude that it is a ceramic patch also I don't think it is active, I think it is a passive antenna (without LNA) Thanks
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    [SOLVED] what is the antenna connected to this module

    Hello This a picture of SkyLab SKM53 Module What is te antenna connected to it ? where can I buy it alone ? thanks
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    lossless reciprocal three port network

    I know the thread is toooooooooo old but I found the solution Attached !
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    type of GSM Antennas in a USB modem !

    thanks but I think this is an old antenna, maybe from 2005 I need ideas for current antennas, existing in smart phones and usb modems Thanks
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    type of GSM Antennas in a USB modem !

    Hello Any idea on, what type of antenna exists in USB modems ? if any one can upload a picture or tell me where to but would be very good Thanks
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    Logic Analyzer Lab Experiment needed !

    Thanks any other suggestions ?
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    Logic Analyzer Lab Experiment needed !

    Hello My department have recently bought "Agilent Logic Analyzer 16801A" And I want a simple expirament to give to the students demonstrating its basic features if any can assist me I would be grateful Thanks in advance
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    DSP Question Nyquist Sample Rate

    Nyquist rate must be double the highest frequency since f(t)= w0 + sin(w0t) then MAX[f(t)]= w0 + 1 because the maximum value for sin function is 1 so Fs = (w0 + 1)/pi I guess
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    How to use bluetooth and serial ?

    Do you mean the USB Bluetooth Sticks ? you can't use them with USART as they need a USB host and a driver you can use Serial Bluetooth modules like the modules from roving networks https://www.rovingnetworks.com/
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    [SOLVED] alternative for Enfora GSM0308-71

    Partially solved The most populer modules are SIMcom and Wavecom modules but they lack a professional TCP/IP stack TELIT modules have a very good TCP/IP stack with SMT footprint

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