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    PCB Seminar in Pune, India by Cadence

    pcb design pune I want to attend PCB Design High Speed Design Seminar In Pune. So let me know future plan
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    About Expedition Docs

    can u tell me where will get the documentaion foe the Expedition. Thanks, Suhas
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    The full flow for schematic entry to Gerber Generation in Expedition

    Hello I am new user for the Expedition.I want to know about the full flow. for schematic entry to Gerber Generation. Also I want to set some constraints,for Differentional Pairs length matching,width. So pls help me Thanks, suhas
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    How to link Dx designer with pads layout

    I am using Expedition I want Expedition Full flow Added after 2 minutes: hello I am new user for Expedition I want the full flow.Also I want to know how to set the constainents in Expedition. Thanks, Suhas

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