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    Free Optics, Photonics & Laser Simulators List (reply if you know other software)

    Hello Here is a list for all free optics, photonics & lasers simulation softwre If you know other free softwares (opensource, educational versions, ... etc) mention them in a replay and I will add them to the list pyofss https://curvedthoughts.com/pyofss/ MPB...
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    Solar cells Graduation project

    Hello I want to ask for ideas for graduation projects in the field of renewable energy I want it to include solar cells in someway or the other Any help would be appreiated Also books or tutorials or other supporting materials would be a great favor Thanks in advance
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    25 ohms connector or termination for PCB

    Hello I want to buy a 25 ohms termination that can be mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB) or I want an SMA connector with 25 Ohms impedance Thanks in advance Best Regards
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    [SOLVED] Help in understanding a solution of a problem

    Hello I have a receiver design problem and its solution but I can't understand it anyone can help me with it ?
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    [SOLVED] Smallest antenna connector

    Hello I am making a GSM board and I need it as small as possible What is the smallest possible connector to connect an external antenna I can buy any antenna with any cable but I must decrease the size of the board the the minimum Thanks
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    [SOLVED] what is the antenna connected to this module

    Hello This a picture of SkyLab SKM53 Module What is te antenna connected to it ? where can I buy it alone ? thanks
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    type of GSM Antennas in a USB modem !

    Hello Any idea on, what type of antenna exists in USB modems ? if any one can upload a picture or tell me where to but would be very good Thanks
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    Logic Analyzer Lab Experiment needed !

    Hello My department have recently bought "Agilent Logic Analyzer 16801A" And I want a simple expirament to give to the students demonstrating its basic features if any can assist me I would be grateful Thanks in advance
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    [SOLVED] connect enfora GSM0308-71 with SIMs

    connect enfora GSM0308-71 with two SIMs Hello I have an ENFORA GSM0308-71 GSM module it has a SIM holder internally on the module and an optional connection to external SIM holder using pins 76 to 84 I want to use one SIM card as "main" and another one "standby" when the first one fails is...
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    microcontroller which accepts windows ce

    Hello Is there an arm based microcontroller in which windows CE can be installed in it ? Thanks
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    [SOLVED] alternative for Enfora GSM0308-71

    Hello I have been working recenlt in GPRS with enfora gsm module It is perfect but the problem is its soldering as it needs a complex connector and the the antenna connector is wire (coaxial, UFL) which might be cut when it is used My question is "is there an alternative module that is...
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    [SOLVED] USB Host for Communication Devices

    Hello I want suggestion for a USB Host chip or mcu that can handle communication devices like bluetooth or wifi or devices like that Arduino has a ready USB host shield but I don't think it is professional enough So any help is appreciated
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    [SOLVED] VGA Module for 8 or 16 bit microcontrollers

    Hello I need a simple VGA driver or stand alone controller for large displays I want to interface a VGA display with a small 8 or 16 bit microcontroller also if it has a built in character table (like small LCD drivers) would be very good and a simple interface would be a really good...
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    [SOLVED] AT89C51 Simple educational kit

    Hello I want a photo for a schematic or a schematic file for a simple educational kit for atmel 8051 family (89c51 or 89c52) thanks in advance
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    what book this problem is from ?

    Hello can anyone help me find the book or reference which contains the attached problem thanks in advance
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    Ieee papers are copyrighted ?!!!!!

    Hello I was wondering why posting IEEE papers is wrong ? the papers are open for any subscriber and they are not even done by IEEE they are research of many researchers around the world I would like the forum admins to reconsider this issue if possible thanks
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    help needed in wd400 motor

    Hello I opened an old western digital wd400 H.D.D and got its motor out but I cant identify the connections there are four pins without any words what is written on the mottor is "1028-TONEC 203219NH" thanks
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    tutorials for Graphic LCD

    Hello I am new to interfacing graphics LCDs with microcontrollers I need books or tutorials for this I am not limited to a certain microcontroller (anything will be good) thanks
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    BISMS02BI Bluetooth module Help

    Hello I bought a BISMS02BI Bluetooth module from LairdTech BISMS02BI Embedded Bluetooth® AT Module on Laird Technologies But I can't integrate it to a microcontroller I emailed the support but they didn't reply I need to know wether these modules support serial uart interface or not ...
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    Prepulse inhibition using an embedded system

    Hello I need every piece of idea concerning this experiment Prepulse inhibition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia any help would be greatly appretiated I need to build a simple system to implement this experiment

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