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    Smart Card OS Security?

    I am doing a technical survey about smart cards and their security issues mainly regarding their operating system and I was wondering if you could help me with some information. The major questions we are dealing with now are as follows: 1- Is there any measurable way to evaluate the level of...
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    Searching for Communication Companies such as 'Mitel'

    hi I would be thankful if someone could introduce me some Communication Companies such as 'Mitel' producing network physical layer products and chips, such as Line drivers, Transceivers, converters, etc.(like MT9076B produced by Mitel) :)
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    Help for V35, X21 physical layer protocols ...

    Hi I need some help for learning about a couple of physical layer protocols, such as V35, X21. Please help me if you have any documents or links with detailed specifications of these :(
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    Searching for Physical layer Processors and Drivers

    Could anybody introduce me any network processor for physical layer processing and drivers?

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