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    Recommend books for SCADA beginners

    best book for scada beginners i cant use Citect HMI software with S7-200, anybody try it? Bye
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    For industrial automation & control: Microcontroller or

    Re: Microcontroler or PLC??? PLC for Automation (process control, motors, etc) Micro for control (light, fan, AA, etc.)
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    Recommend books for SCADA beginners

    beginners guide scada I have a S7-200 CPU 222 Siemens PLC, i can use Scada with it?
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    bluetooth with microcontroller

    how i can implement bluetooth in morotora HC08?
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    Simple 7-segments LED counter

    where i can find diagrams for it? thanks
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    VEE and LABView Comparation

    hello, anybody have documents about comparation between Vee and LabVIEW?
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    Any experienced web cam in L@bVIEW via USB

    labview webcam where i can find this driver for my cam? thank you
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    Read parallel port with Labview 6

    mm, labVIEW work fine in Win9x , 2000 and XP
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    Information on Instrumentation & Measurement

    easy, visit hxxp://www.ni.com :)
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    Looking for Spanish book about LabView 6i

    Re: LabView 6.i book Hola, yo tengo el libro en papel, como podemos hacer para pasartelo? escribeme, chao English please. -- makswell
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    How to measure the torque necessary to move 7kg?

    Measure of Torque Hello, Any idea how measure the torque necesary to move a mass of 7Kgr. weight with a servo motor. Thank You
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    3x3 Keyboard for robot arm

    Hello, I need a 3x3 keyboard for control a robor arm...i dont know if can use the IC 74C922. How I use it? Any idea? Thank You
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    Electronic Instruments...

    Hello, I need info, ebook, websites, or other...about electronic instrumentations...history, methods, etc. thank you
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    Schematics for Tv, Radio, and others

    Please, i need a web site with service manual for electronics equipments thank you

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