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    Current Transducer HO 10-p application circuit

    I am planning to use this current transducer in the control system I am designing. On page 12, I see how to use the 5 pins for electrical connection. What is not clear to me is how the thicker pins on the side are used? What is their purpose? Is it just for the magnetic induction (as current...
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    Switching power to Motor Driver and Encoder

    The control system I am designing has an H-bridge motor driver and and Encoder. We want to control the power to those devices so we can selectively power it on or off for the purpose of saving power. We are planning to use this MOS module...
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    Angular position sensor breakout board

    Hi, I am looking for a breakout board with angular position sensor. The goal is to use it to build a Nest -like (looks, not function) object that user rotates to set some position. I need to know the angel after the rotation. Nest uses Avago adbs a-350 chip. But I can't find any breakout...
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    [Moved] Failed to get CPU status after 4 retries

    I have a Toshiba TC35667 evaluation board (ARM cortex) with BLE module. I have done proper jumper settings according to their starter guide. But I can't download the code. Getting error "Failed to get CPU status after 4 retries". I am using the latest J-Link debugger from SEGGER, the latest...
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    30 pin CN2 Board-to-Board connector

    The BLE module is from Toshiba TC35670 I don't much detailed info. Any hint on what info/detail I should look for?
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    Pairing with CSR BLE 4.0 dongle

    I have a CSR4.0 BLE dongle I am using in Raspberry Pi. I am using Bluez stack in the Pi and can make the dongle up & running. Now, when I use some iOS app (LightBlue) to find out nearby BLE devices, most of the time it can't find the CSR device. A few times the app can find the CSR device, but...
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    30 pin CN2 Board-to-Board connector

    I have a BLE module that connects to its original MCU board with a 30 pin CN2 type board-to-board (B2B) connector. I want to use this BLE module in Raspberry Pi. I've some BLE related C code that runs on Raspberry Pi. Now I want to make sure that this code works with this new BLE module (that...
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    Testing a board without placing a component

    Is there a way to build a (functional) board without placing 1 component? I am designing a PCB and want to have the option to make it work w/ or w/o placing a specific component (X). This component X doesn't impact the main feature of the board. One solution of this problem is using a jumper -...
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    GPIO pins in embedded board

    I am exploring the capabilities of GPIO pins in the embedded development boards. Is it possible to connect 1 GPIO pin to multiple devices? Do I need to use some sort of port expander.
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    interfacing 7-segment display with Raspberry Pi

    Hi, I want to interface HDSP-523E with Raspberry Pi. The datasheet is here. Any suggestion on how to interface it with RaspPi? Through I2C? I guess I need a port expander.
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    Embedded System Board Bringup

    Hi, Can anyone please suggest me some resource on embedded microcontroller board bringup? I am specially interested in TI microcontroller.
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    Apple Authentication Co-processor breakout board

    Hi, Anyone has experience with Apple Authentication Co-processor V2.C breakout board? I am working on a design that needs the Authentication co-processor. But before designing, I want to do some prototyping with TI MSP430 board. Can anyone please help?
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    PCB footprint for Apple Authentication Coprocessor V2C (MFi)

    Hi, Anyone here worked on PCB design that includes Apple Authentication co-processor V2C? I am looking for the footprint library (preferably in KiCAD/Eagle). I am new to PCB design, did this footprint in KiCAD myself and wanted it to get reviewed. Please let me know.
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    STM32F103 Development Board

    Hi, I am planning to use STM32F103CBT6 development board along with a CC3000 breakout board for my wireless project. I am wondering which STM32F103 development board to chose to work with the CC3000 breakout. This board in ebay looks good. Anyone has any other recommendation (must have SPI...
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    KiCAD Pin#1 marking for SMD component

    Hi All, I am trying to make JTI-2450BM15A0002 footprint (https://www.johansontechnology.com/datasheets/baluns-matched/2450BM15A0002.pdf) in KiCAD. Wondering how do I indicate the pin 1 marking in the footprint? One approach can be to give pin 1 a "squared-off" pad, and all other pins a...
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    Understanding Mechanical Dimension of JTI-2450BM15A0002

    Thanks FvM. That makes more sense. Now the question is, how do I indicate that pin 1 marking in the footprint? May be add a small dot in the copper layer near pin 1. How do I do that and make sure it is just a copper dot, not another pad? Or may be a different shaped pad for pin 1?
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    Understanding Mechanical Dimension of JTI-2450BM15A0002

    Hi All, I am new to PCB design, trying to make JTI-2450BM15A0002 footprint (https://www.johansontechnology.com/datasheets/baluns-matched/2450BM15A0002.pdf) in KiCAD. In the datasheet, there is a red square (see mechanical dimension/terminal configuration). What is it? Is it a pad? Then there...
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    autorouting with freerouting

    The min clearance setting in KiCAD is 0.254mm. Freerouting tool just uses that. One of the component is TI CC2531 (https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/cc2531.pdf). The datasheet says it is VQFN-40 and yes, there is no QFN-40 footprint in KiCAD so I had to make one (attached). May be I am not...
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    autorouting with freerouting

    I am designing a medium complexity board using KiCAD. I am using freerouting tool to autoroute the design following the steps here https://www.freerouting.net/fen/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=255 Looks like autorouter keeps running forever with 7 connection still not done. I clicked on the violation tab...
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    KiCAD symbol question

    Hi, I am new to PCB design. I am using KiCAD to build a PCB of my own following CC2531 USB Dongle (v2.4) reference design (done using CADSTAR). I see VBUS and VCC_EXT in the reference design. The symbol looks similar to VCC. I don't see VBUS and VCC_EXT symbol in KiCAD. Are they same as VCC...

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