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    Offline SMPS for 120W maximum in EU, UK, USA ..but with no PFC stage

    We are making an offline 240VAC SMPS which after being installed, will firstly charge up a 24V battery at 5A for 3 hours. Then it will simply sit there for the next 10 years drawing about 2W of standby power, as the equipment continuously monitors some safety valves which should be actuated in...
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    Start-up resistor for offline flyback suffers overvoltage..but is it OK?

    Hi, I have been sent a flyback power supply by a customer to check out. VAC input = 187-264VAC. They have used a single 220k, MMB0207 resistor to act as the start-up resistor, which feeds the Vcc pin of the FSCQ1565 Flyback controller IC (as attached). When VAC input is 264VAC, this means that...
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    Do you know what is "TEX-F 22swg Triple insulated wire"

    Hi, I have a spec from a company saying "TEX-F 22swg Triple insulated wire" I need to find the Ohms per metre of it. Do you know what it is? All i can find is this...but it doesnt say 22swg...
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    High power offline Flyback with no primary RCD or D/Z clamp

    Hi, Why do all the datasheet and app note schematics of high power offline flybacks with FSCQ1565 cotroller show no primary clamp whatsoever? They only show a small Drain source capacitor, which they call the "resonant capacitor". (which is true but it hardly seems big enough to quench leakage...

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