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    help about hspice monte carlo sigma & sweep times

    hspice monte carlo Hi, Is there any one giving me a hand about the hspice simulation of the monte carlo sweep times? question : how are the monte carlo sweep times determined? if sigma is 3, must monte carlo sweep times be 1000? if sigma is 5, must monte carlo sweep times be ten million? if...
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    vddio power line width

    vddio Hi, the vddio has the big current. So the electromigration and IR drop is needed to considerated. So how to decide to the vddio power line width? So it depends on the average current or peak current? Thanks!
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    phase margin of voltage regulator in the nonvolatile memory

    Hi all, Normally, the phase margin is larger than 45 degree. But I heart that the PM of the voltage regulator in the nonvolatile memory can less than 45 degree from my leader. I don't know it's true. If you are the nonvolatile memory designer ,Can you give me the answer ?
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    Is small phase margin ok ?

    Hi all, Normally the phase margin is larger than 45C or 60. Is it ok if the phase margin is small(for example 30C or 20C) in the regualtor ? Or is it ok that the transient signal waveform is a damped oscillating if only the transient behavior is concerned ? Thanks for your help!
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    the difference of the mos diode and the bulk-drain diode

    difference between pn diode and mos diode Hi all, I have a question about the difference between the mos diode and the mos parasitic diode(bulk-drain) in the discharge path. why did the mos diode be put in the discharge path,if the pn junction had existed in the discharge path? Thanks
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    simulation of intrinsic capacitor of the inverter

    Hi,all! I use the intrinsic capacitor of inverter as a delay. Is it accurate to simulate the intrinsic capacitor by hspice? Thanks!
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    why the input mos of opamp is in cutoff when w/l is large

    Hi,all! I'm design the diff. op with resistive load. And I want to a big gm of input mos. So I make the w/l very large, but the hspice show the mos into cutoff region. I'm afraid it doesn't work. Regards
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    Stages of high speed comparator

    Hi, all! There are ofter 3 stages comparator in the high speed comparator. They are preamplifer stage,decision stage,output stage. And I have the 2 questions. 1. What about the specifications for the 3 stages (for example gain et.)? 2. Is there any architechture for decision stage (for example...
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    question about the pmos pass element in the ldo

    Hi all, I find that the pmos pass element is working at the linear region when the load current is maximum . And I have the following questions: 1. Is it undesirable that the pmos is at the linear region when the load current is maximum? 2. Is the pmos needed to work at the saturation...
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    how to get hspice level 1 model from the level 49 model?

    Hi,all! I choose the different dc point to calculate the hspice model I .But the λ(lambdo) is not accurate. And how to get the accurate hspice level I model?
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    four phase charge pump vs. voltage doubler

    Hi,all! I think voltage doubler is better than four phase charge pump. But why four phase charge pump is still popular ?
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    capacitive voltage divider in the level detector

    Dear all! The capative voltage divider has the low dc current in the level detector. What is the shortcomings of the voltage divider? And how to design the capacitive the capacitive voltage divider in the level detector?
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    need paper from IEICE Trans. Electron

    Hi,all! I need a paper "Stabilization of voltage limiter circuit for high-density DRAM's using pole-zero compensation," IEICE Trans. Electron.,vol E75-C,no. 11,pp.1333-1433,Nov.1922. The paper is very useful for me. If you can download it ,Please help do it! Thanks a lot!!!
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    how to get hspice level 1 model from bsim3v3 model

    Hi all! How to get hspice level 1 model from bsim3v3 model? what simulation data is needed?
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    how to determine the channel length modulation coefficient?

    channel length modulation coefficient Hi all, There is no λ(channel length modulation coefficent) in the model file. And λ need to be known in the hand calculation. How to obtain the λ? Please help!!!
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    why use AS AD PS PD for hspice simulation?

    as ad hdif Hi,all! According to the book,it is necessary to define AS AD PS PD when simulating for transient of hspice. But I think in the model file there is 'hdif' parameter,it can be used as calculate AS AD PS PD.
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    question about power on reset?

    Hi! I have a question about how to simulate por. what I should choose what kind of vdd to verify the por? For example, vdd is between 2.5v to 3.6v. 1.what is the min and max rise time and fall time of vdd to use as simulation ? 2.what is rise threshold voltage and fall threshold normally...
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    what is the type of feedback in this circuit? help!!!

    This is a part of a bandgap circuit! It seems to be a feedback circuit. But I don't know the machnism of this feeback and the type. Please give me your views! thanks a lot!!!
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    plese give me a hand of two stage opamp?

    I am doing the problems of razavi's book. In the problem 9.18,it says that Vgs3=Vgs5 in order that M5 carries the expected curren when vin=0. why it need to Vgs3=Vgs5 ? what current is "the expected current"? whether it must set Vgs3=Vgs5 in other similar two stage opamps ?
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    how to load signal from the hspice for matlab simulation?

    I see a matlab language to load signal from the hspice results,but there are some functions such as 'loadsig,evalsig' which matlab show they are undefined. And my matlab version is 6.5. What's wrong? Can you give the proper matlab language? Thank you!!! the language is: % load signals from...

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