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    Where should I connect the 'clock out' from the PLL in my Pic16f877a?

    i use PLL for clock recovery.below is the circuit used for clock recovery. -i wonder where i should connect the 'clock out' from the PLL in my Pic16f877a.
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    How to write a programme in Picbasic for flow control?

    -hi,I'm doing my final year project. I'm using the pic16f877a to modulate the data send from PC via RS232. In order to avoid data overflow, Flow Control technique should be using. As I know, Pin RTS(request to send) and Pin CTs(clear to send) in RS232 need to be utilized if i used Flow Control...
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    how to use a phase lock loop

    -can u show me how to use a phase lock loop?can u tell me how the pin to be connected?i am using hcf4046B phase lock loop.i -this PLL will be using with pic16f877a thank u
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    Help me with Digital Wireless Optical Communication project

    can u help me? hi,i am final year student. -i am doing a final year project named DWOC(digital wireless optical communication). -inside this project, i am using a PIC16f877A to do the modulation job(manchester coding). -i will transfer my data from pc via RS232 to my PIC before the data...
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    I need the souce code to make Pulse Width Modulation for PIC

    can anyone share the source code to make Pulse width modulation for PIC? thanks
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    source code for PPM modulation schemes in PIC

    -Hi,I'm a 4th year engineering undergraduate student study in National university of Malaysia.I got some problem need ur help..... -My thesis subject is about data transfer between a transmitter and a receiver.I am using Laser beam as a carrier to carry a data from a transmitter(a computer) to...

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