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    parameters required for patch antenna for 100MHz

    hi everybody i am doing work on patch antenna for 100MHz using shorting wall and U slot to reduce the size of patch but keeping the radiation box lambda/4 i get very low radiated power so gain and efficiency are also low, here i am attachming my design , please any one look at this and help me...
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    patch antenna for 100 MHz in HFSS

    hi everybody i have designed a patch antenna in HFSS for 100 MHz i am getting fine RL at 100 MHz but the other antenna parameters gain, directivity etc. are not quite well , i am unable to understand this problem can anyone help me in this regard please, my email id in...
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    antenna design at 100 MHz

    hi , i am simulating 100 mhz antenna i am getting resonant at 1oo mhz but i am getting correct values for gain , directivity and efficiency etc. please anyone would like to help me......

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