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    10x or 20x in calculation the ADC sample sequence in decibel

    hi, I have adopt the ADS5560 for sampling, and the sample sequence is expresses as X in matlab. Then I want to calculate the power/energy spectrum in decibel, I have a problem whether to choose 20 or 10 as the multipy coefficient, i.e., 20*log10(abs(fft(X)) or 10*log10(abs(fft(X)) thanks to...
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    through pin but not hole within it

    I am sorry for the confuse. I want to develop a through pin for Surface-Mount-Device. The through pin is like a circular cylinder, and it go through all the layers. The SMD will be mounted to the top surface of the circular cylinder. In the above case, the route can be placed on the internal...
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    through pin but not hole within it

    hi, the package of GALI-52 is SMD type of SOT-23, but now I want to develop a through mounted package for it, i.e., the pins are through pins, but without hole within it, and GALI-52 is mounted on the top of the particular pins, is that OK? the software is cadence v16.2. thanks. ---yakex
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    is it possible to set the bottom layer as plane type in allegro 16.3

    is it possible to set the bottom layer as plane type in allegro 16.2 hi, in the last few days, i draw a PCB of 4 layers using Cadence 16.2. The first layer is named top, conductor type. The forth layer is named bottom, plane type. after generating artwork file, there are no pad in the bottom...
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    positive coppler plane and thermal pad in cadence 16.3

    positive copper plane and thermal pad in cadence 16.3 For each layer of the padstack you can define a regular pad, an antipad, and a thermal pad. I have a question: if the padstack passes through a positive plane and the pin or via using the padstack needs to be connected to the plane, what...
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    How to add a via and assign a required net name to it

    hi, I want to add a via to fix the PCB to the shield, also I want to assign a net named NET to it. How can I do that? thanks.
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    what is the utmost important for ferrite EMI filter?

    FvM: Thanks for your reply. what you said is the general rules for product selection, and it is helpful to me. But what I want to learn is whether I should select a ferrite of large resistance at the frequency range of interest, in order to block the external interence? Thank you again.
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    what is the utmost important for ferrite EMI filter?

    hi, there are too many ferrite for emi filter from Murata, but what is the utmost important for the ferrite? the equivalent series resistance? the reactance? or the total impedance? for example, if the effective radio frequency, then what I should is series mount a ferrite in the supply circuit...
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    sine wave or TLL/CMOS output is preferred for crystal oscillator?

    Hi, I have two choices: sine wave or TLL/CMOS, for the output of oscillator, which one is better? The output of oscillator is applied to the reference input of PLL, which play the role of clock generator. The PLL can accept both sine and TLL/CMOS, so I don't know which one is better. Thank you...
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    Reciprocal mixing question in double balance mixer.

    Hi, In receiver design, there is well known question, reciprocal mixing. The reciprocal mixing requirement is usually expressed as the interference product produced by reciprocal mixing is below or equal to the floor noise at the ouput when only the MDS(minimum detectable signal) is apply to the...
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    How to arrange these layers in the PCB?

    I decide to choose the following arragement. anybody has suggestion? 1st layer: signal/ground 2nd layer: ground 3rd layer: ground 4th layer: +5/+9V
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    Digital Clock Generator IC used as Analog Mixer LO input?

    "going rail to rail in as few stages as possible for ref osc input. " What does it mean? Thank you. Yakex
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    How to arrange these layers in the PCB?

    Thanks. I don't need the second signal layer now. what should I do now? Set the bottom layer as ground layer?
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    two sided PCB = or != 2 layer PCB

    "remove some of the pad from the top layer " what does this sentence mean?
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    How to arrange these layers in the PCB?

    Hi, there are four layers, namely signals, ground, +5V, +9V. but I do not know how to arrange them. please help me. The amplifier's supply is mainly rounted to +9V, and the +5V is only for RF switch (very little current!). I might have several options (1) 1st layer: singal 2nd layer...

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