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    need uC/OS TCP-IP implementation source code and/or docs

    dear friends, i need uC/OS TCP-IP implementation source code and releated docs for educational purposes. please help me by sharing them. official link: h**p://micrium.com/products/tcp-ip/tcp-ip.html thanks in advance.
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    Need help on WiMAX base station design

    i need some information on designing WiMAX base controller software. what is the best place to start ? is it analyzing the standard or something else. any guidelines will be highly appreciated. fyi: we will use open source linux 2.6.18 kernel version. we have expertise on linux kernel and...
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    my sdcard can't finish writing

    dear friends, i am having problems with writing a block of 512 bytes data to the sdcard. after i send 512 bytes of data and a 16-bit crc checksum, the sdcard sends back the crc status as 010 which means a crc ok, then it enters the PRG state with the DAT0 pin held at '0' by the card, which...
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    block read problem with sdcard (solved)

    friends, i am having severe problems with reading (and writing) from sdcard. i am using SD bus mode for communication with the sdcard and NOT using any sort of scard-controller for that. now i have successfully intialized the sdcard with ACMD41 (with OCR = 0x80FF8000 ), got the RCA and...
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    how to initialize sdcard ?

    dear friends, i have some problems with sdcard initialization phase. what is the actual (working) command-reponse sequence to get the sdcard through 'card identification phase' into 'data transfer phase' ? another...after issueing a read/write command, what is the command-response sequece to...
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    Question on CRC check in SD Card

    hello friends, i am working on a project where we are using the SD card with SD bus mode i have 3 questions regarding to CRC checking 1. Let i am reading a Data block of 512 bytes. It starts with a startbit (0) and then 512 bytes comes in sequence. Now, is the CRC16 check over the block...
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    equipments and books for an embedded systems lab

    embedded design with pic18f452 microcontroller hello friends, i am from BD. the CSE dept. in our university is thinking to setup an embedded systems lab. But we have lack of information on the necessary/essential equipments/books and others (even i may not know) to run such a lab. So i turn...

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