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  1. winarko

    Help on uCLinux for ARM!!!

    I am a newbie in embedded Linux, and I know nothing about it. I have tried to visit uCLinux.org but I still didn't understand. Can anyone tell me how to build an embedded linux on ARM? Please...
  2. winarko

    Can Proteus simulate a project using handphone?

    Help about Proteus Can Proteus simulate a project using handphone?
  3. winarko

    Reading SMS from cell phone using MCU and AT commands

    Re: Read SMS using MCU I mean, when we send an AT Command from MCU to read SMS, the cell phone will reply us with a packet of data like:<phone number>,<date/time>,and <message>. My question is how can I only cut the message? Because I just want my MCU to decode the message.
  4. winarko

    Reading SMS from cell phone using MCU and AT commands

    Can anyone help me to write a program in C to read SMS from cell-phone using AT Command?
  5. winarko

    How to use AT commands with MCU

    Re: At command and MCU First, try to using your PC to test an AT Command. You can connect your mobile phone to PC via data cable (serial), and then open Hyper Terminal on Windows, set for your serial communication (COM1,9600 8n1). Now you can write an AT Command that compatible for your phone...
  6. winarko

    BIG prbolem interfacing DATA cable with MC

    atmel8535 uart You can use MAX232 to provide power supply +9V and -9V for DB9 Connector.
  7. winarko

    Send and Receive SMS using AT Command for Nokia CDMA

    cdma at command I'm having trouble to send and receive SMS via PC with my Nokia CDMA phone (type 2880 and 2116). I have tried using Nokia AT Command set for CDMA products but it didn't work at all. Some command are working but for SMS Command didn't work (like AT+CMGL=1 or AT+CMGS). Can anyone...

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