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    C6424 / Program Memory

    Hi all, I'm struggling with a DSP, TMS320C6424. C6424 hasn't got an internal flash for program memory. I should use an external flash for programming. C6424 has 8-/16-Bit-Wide data flash memory interfaces for NAND and NOR Flashes.(Up to 128M-byte address reach) Should I select NAND or NOR...
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    comparision of .wav file

    You can read byte-by-byte from the two files into two different buffers. And you can compare them.
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    A DSP or SoC solution for IP PBX

    Hi All, I want to make an IP PBX. I'm planning to use a DSP for VoIP operations. I'll use a DSP from TI or Analog Devices. But I found a SoC, AC496, by Audio Codes. This chip has a DSP by TMS320 series. This SoC has some advanteges like: Applications support, complex vocoders support etc. I...
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    Using Bluetooth profiles A2DP and AVRC

    Hi, I want to collect voice datas from mobile phone and save them. Which profile do i need? And i want to take caller-id data from phone. Is HFP profile enough for me or do I need another profiles like SPP, HSP, A2DP? I'm waiting your responses.
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    Bluetooth / Communication between embedded system(mcu) & mobile phone

    I found a SoC in TI. CC2540 is a system-on-chip solution for bluetooth low energy. I learned that a few differences between Bluetooth Stack Protocol and Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) stack protocol. Which are the differences, anybody knows? Could BLE chip be used in my project which is generally...
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    Bluetooth / Communication between embedded system(mcu) & mobile phone

    Hi all, I am researching about bluetooth. Generally, I want to make a system that communicates with mobile phone and takes voice datas from phone through bluetooth. I have found lots of bluetooth modules, but they are so expensive that between $10 and $60. I am wishing a solution that below...
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    Problems with reading CSD, CID registers and also reading and writing to SD card

    Hi, How do you give the power to the sd card?(3.3V) Perhaps, the power supply of the sd card couldn't supply enough current to the card. It is a problem which has been lived frequently. Firat
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    problem in reading block from sd card

    Hi, I have the same problem with Madhu. Initialization is completed successfully. After that i try to read the boot sector. I receive the response (0x00) but then i can't receive (0xFE). char SD_ReadBlock(unsigned long block, char *data) { int k; unsigned long address; address = (...
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    ultrasonic transceiver switch

    you can make a circuit with a mcu. mcu drives the sensors(transmitter) for 10-20 miliseconds and waits the reflected signal(receiver) for 80-90 ms.

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