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    UART problem for PIC microcontroller

    I am using pic24fj64ga002 controller UART. I am able to communicate with PC when I transmit/receive one character to PC. But my intention is to get a string from PC and process it in microcontroller. However, I am getting a weird problem. When I am sending more than 5 characters, eg. abcdefg, I...
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    ECG circuit development

    I am planning to use INA 333 opamp for amplifying the low voltages(in microvolts) given out by sensors. But as my device is battery operated, i am unable to provide +(7 pin) and -(4 pin) voltages. I want to operate my circuit in a single supply mode instead of dual supply. As specified in...
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    generating low noise source of 100 microVolts to 1mV

    Hello, I want to design a voltage source of with voltage ranges from 100 microVolts to 1 mV. I want it for biomedical instrumentation(EEG/ECG). I was thinking of voltage divider but that would not work because of resistance and supply noises. Please suggest me some better way.
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    can a program memory be written on the fly?

    I am using pic 10f206 microcontroller. My intention is to store some variables into program memory and change them during run time depending upon some conditions. And finally, since those variables are stored in flash, when I power up the microcontroller again, I should get the updated values.
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    What are the differences between I2C and RS485 ?

    i want to know the difference between RS485 and I2C. I want to compare the two protocols in terms of advantages/disadvantages, datarate, robustness since both are 2 wire. How about implementing /communicating devices using an Ethernet cable. I am planning to use PIC 24fj 64 family of...
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    problems in generating list(lst) file in MPLAB

    Hello I am trying to generate list file to view the memory and variables mapping. I am using MPLAB IDE 8.56. After running the program, I am able to view .map,.hex,.coff files but not .lst file. I am using PIC24fj64002 family of microcontrollers.
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    Is zigbee a real innovation?

    I am surveying various articles on zigbee and comparing it with other alternative technologies. I read application of zigbee as 'remotely monitoring various types of sensors for air conditioning, lightening, smoke alarms etc.' Also, zigbee is a low power, low data rate, low distance...
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    Help required for Zigbee modules

    Hello, I have two zigbee modules and I want to configure one as coordinator and other as end device. I have checked the module sheet by maxstream and they have addressing options as PAN ID, channel and address. I am not able to understand the difference between PAN ID and address. Also, i m...
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    Slew rate problems at high frequencies

    The slew rate of the opamp we consider Vp or Vp-p rite i.e. SR = 2*pi*fmax*Vp-output or 2*pi*fmax*Vp-p-output ? my sine wave is of form Vout = 2.5(1+sin(wt)). and by this, Slew Rate required for my circuit = 15.7V/us which is less than the one specified in datasheet(17V/us). So, would the...
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    using zigbee with Max3223

    Hello, I was previously using LM1117 interface for interfacing. I was using Max 232 to get data from PC to microcontroller and interfaced lm1117 between microcontroller and zigbee connection. So, if i use Max3223 (and connect tx,rx and ground of PC)and Zigbee module directly, will i be able to...
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    shifting from atmega32 to atmega128

    Hello, I have implemented the project part by part and during integration, i found that I m falling short of IOs. So, I am shifting from atmega32 to atmega128. will there be any problmes in this transistion. what precautions or extra points should i consider which making this shift?
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    zigbee module and Atmega32 interface

    The zigbee modules(XBEE) work at 3.3 V and Atmega 32 works at 5V. I am using the level translators LM1117 for interfacing the levels of XBEE and ATmega. Now, i m thinking about one more thing. Do i need this level translator at the output of Xbee which is connected to the input of atmega. This...
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    problem with op37 response

    We are using Op37 opamp to amplify the output of AD9833(frequency generator). We have built a non inverting configuration and the gain is 5(Rf=220k and Rin = 56k). Our expectation is that this gain should be constant from 1Hz to 1MHz. But after 300Khz, we are finding getting sudden...
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    Use of zigbee as a substitute of LAN

    I m working in a Lab in which all comps r connected thru LAN cables. Now, maintaining these cables is becomming a problem. Also, some people r using laptops and they r not getting LAN cables to connect to laptops since we have a limited set of them. So, is it possible to interconnect all the PCs...
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    5 to 9 and 9 to 5 V converter

    I came accross LM3478,3488,78s40 but there is circuit associated it. I want just one IC which will do it for me. It should have 10 channels. 10 inputs and 10 outputs. Intention is to convert 10 binary parallel word (0 to 5v) into similar word with 0 to 9V outputs. This is done for standard ASK...
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    AVR external interrupt

    I have set up external interrupt for ATmega32 and my program executing external interrupt service routine. The question is during the execution of the routine, if external interrupt hits the pin again, does the routine continues to execute or the routine is stopped and again begun. I am using...
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    Matlab RS232 communication problem

    I am using Matlab to send data to ATmega32 using serial RS232 communication. s = serial('COM1'); set(s,'BaudRate',9600); fopen(s); fprintf(s,<data>); out = fscanf(s); fclose(s); expected output: <data> but the output is coming as : 00001010 <data> 00001010 Need some help in fixing it..
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    hyperterminal to send data to microcontroller

    Hello, I am trying to use hyperterminal to send data from PC to microcontroller ATmega32. But I am not able to find the setting in hyperterminal to achieve this. If anybody has any info, pls share.
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    fluctuating reference voltage of ADC

    I am using ADC - ADS805 with a sampling rate of 5MHz. The response of the supply is stable and the ripple is in millivolts. But when the circuit with clock (5MHz), RAM , counters , ADC is used, the vcc fluctuates with a ripple of 0.5V. Due to this , the internal reference pin voltage(vcc/2) of...
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    LPC 21xx board design

    pls give me links to develop an ARM board or tutorials for the same..

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