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    HELP!Specifying ReadAddress for single block read in SD card

    Hey! Good day to all forumers! I am currently developing an SD card controller for my school project. So far I have already establish everything but im uncertain of how to specify the start address to read the txt file that i saved in my SD card. My program uses single block read. I used winhex...
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    block read problem with sdcard (solved)

    Hey musfiq, Would like to know, how do you determine which data address you wan to read from your sd card? I have an sd card and i would like to read a simple txt file which contains 1010 inside the file but i dont know where is this file stored in my sd card. Frm your post it seems that you...
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    Doubts in VHDL process statement

    Thanks for your advices and help. Yes it did clear my doubts!
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    Doubts in VHDL process statement

    Hey guys i need some advice. For the VHDL process statement shown below, if if_else statement A condition is fulfilled, will it continue to check the conditions of if_else statement B and C or exit the process and wait for the next clock cycle to execute if_else statement B and C?? Hope you...
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    Help in Verilog coding strongly needed

    Hey Devas, Thanks for your help. I understand now. =]
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    Help in Verilog coding strongly needed

    Help in Verilog coding Hey Devas, Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Appreciate it. Btw, what do you mean by "In this case the default values depends on another variable to create a flexible design." Would be great if you could explain in a bit detail. Thanks.
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    Help in Verilog coding strongly needed

    Help in Verilog coding Hey Guyz! I need some help with verilog coding. i got this code off opencore website that teaches us how to code a sd card controller.Below shows 2 of the verilog file. A) spiMaster_defines.v `ifdef SIM_COMPILE `define SD_INIT_START_SEQ_LEN 8'h03 `define MAX_8_BIT 8'h08...
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    SD card spi protocol help!

    THanks guys for your help! Clarify all my doubts =]
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    SD card spi protocol help!

    Hey everyone! I would like to know for the sd card spi protocol, can i sample my data and shift my data both at the rising edge of SCK? I have research about spi protocol and i know that for SD card we can either use CPHA =1, CPOL=1 or CPOL=0 and CPHA =0. But i just wanted to know if its really...

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