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    regarding planar transmission line structure

    hello please anyone give the details about the planar tranmission line structure.I will be thankful to you if you can help me. thanking you, regards Aravinth
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    Alforithm to calculate S-parameter in 2D using MRTD Plzzz...

    Hi, Can anyone please help me in guiding me how to calculate S-parameters in 2D using MRTD.I had calculated electric & magnetic fields using Battle-Lemarie wavelet.Now i am interested in carrying out analysis & make comparisons with traditional FDTD.So, I kindly request you to help me with...
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    How to apply boundary conditions & calculate S-parameter

    Hi, Can anyone pleasee help me in knowing how to apply boundary conditions in MRTD.I found in many papers that Perfect Electric Conductor(PEC) is used.Is there any specific reason for using only PEC boundary cindition.Finally help me in knowing how to calculate S-parameters in MRTD...
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    details about perfect electric conductor(PEC)

    hello, plzzz someone help me in giving more details about perfect electric conductor(PEC) boundary conditions which is similar to PML in traditional FDTD method. Thank you
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    About Battle-Lemarie wavelet reg...

    battle-lemarie wavelet hello Can anyone please help me in getting some information about the Battle-Lemarie wavelet and their useage in electromagnetic computations.Please provide me some literature or the related links that can be made use of.
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    MATLAB coding for wavelet based FDTD using Haar wavelets...

    Hello We would be thankful if anyone can provide us MATLAB coding for wavelet based FDTD using Haar wavelets.We had developed codes for FDTD using MATLAB for coplanar waveguides.Please help us with your useful ideas and codes if you can.
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    How haar wavelet can be used in FDTD method for analysis

    hello We are working on a project titled as "SIGNAL INTEGRITY ANALYSIS IN INTERCONNECTS USING WAVELET BASED FDTD" and we are quite confused how to apply haar wavelet in our analysis (i.e.) in FDTD method.We are quite familiar with FDTD and we had developed codes for coplanar waveguides...

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