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    Is there any way to generate sine wave modulated PWM (sPWM) with an ATmega microcontroller?

    Just google "atmel spwm", several code base hits. Another easy single chip approach - https://community.cypress.com/t5/Code-Examples/Sine-wave-generation-using-WaveGen-and-PWM-SPWM/m-p/107152 Regards, Dana.
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    maximum output clock frequency raspberry pi 4

    Here is the TRM for the A72 processor - https://developer.arm.com/documentation/100095/0003/Functional-Description/Clocking-and-resets/Clocks?lang=en Regards, Dana.
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    Bluetooth Module and Power source

    100 projects in 100 days PSOC 4 BLE - https://github.com/Infineon/PSoC-4-BLE/tree/master/100_Projects_in_100_Days PSOC 6 dual core - https://github.com/Infineon/PSoC-6-MCU-BLE-Connectivity-Designs https://www.cypress.com/documentation/code-examples/psoc-6-mcu-code-examples-psoc-creator...
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    input capacitance of LM318

    You can also do a s plane analysis of the LM318 to examine if Zin( f ) and Zout ( f ). its an interesting analysis as you will see Zout starts looking inductive. And you also can see the virtual ground at input starts degrading. Doing the LM318 a tad comp- licated as its two pole Aol response...
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    Differential High voltage measurement

    Page 6-16 of attached. Regards, Dana.
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    input capacitance of LM318

    Actual layout on PCB may govern C measured. https://www.analog.com/en/analog-dialogue/articles/direct-method-of-measuring-op-amp-input-differential-capacitance.html https://www.maximintegrated.com/en/design/technical-documents/app-notes/5/5086.html...
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    Differential High voltage measurement

    Possiblity, eg. modify this design - https://hackaday.io/project/169390-a-10x-100mhz-differential-probe http://electronicsplayground.blogspot.com/2015/07/high-voltage-differential-probe-design.html https://xellers.wordpress.com/electronics/1ghz-active-differential-probe/...
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    [General] Ultra Low Power microcontroller selection ARM CortexM3/M4

    PSOC 6 Ap Note https://www.cypress.com/documentation/application-notes/an219528-psoc-6-mcu-low-power-modes-and-power-reduction-techniques https://iotexpert.com/psoc-6-using-the-mcwdt-as-a-deep-sleep-timer/ Regards, Dana.
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    Questiongs about AES chips

    A possibility - https://www.cypress.com/documentation/code-examples/psoc-6-mcu-cryptography-aes-demonstration Regards, Dana.
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    Bluetooth Module and Power source

    Bluetooth modules with controller - https://www.cypress.com/products/airoc-bluetooth-le-bluetooth Regards, Dana.
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    Clap switch not working plz help

    Do you hear relay click on a clap sound ? To do this you would need to simulate a clap, maybe cap couple a low voltage pulse into mic circuit..... Regards, Dana.
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    [General] Ultra Low Power microcontroller selection ARM CortexM3/M4

    Before we start what do you need to do when power is super low, just respond to a wakeup pin interrupt ? Or RTC or..... Also do you want all clocks off internally ? Maybe some target info for what you are seeking would help advisors. Don't know if you have seen this -...
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    [PIC] selecting a uController to make a 3 phase Sine PWM signal, 5 KHz, without feedback

    Pretty trivial with a PSOC 5LP - https://www.edaboard.com/threads/3-phase-sine-generation.397115/ Example is different freq but 5Khz at 100 samples not an issue. Or smaller table size if you so desire. Its limited by the VDAC setting time of 1 MSPS, or you could use IDAC and run it roughly 10X...
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    1x1 Matrix keypad

    https://onlinedocs.microchip.com/pr/GUID-7F7FEA3F-1F4B-4C3B-B4FE-12A7D22A4773-en-US-8/index.html?GUID-0FB8ED2D-33E0-4E92-8BBE-325061B16578 Regards, Dana.
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    1x1 Matrix keypad

    Some modern processors have configurable pull-up and pull-down options on GPIO pins, this processor just has pull-up option. So you would want to connect the switch to ground and the the other side of switch to pin. Config the pin as input and enable the internal pull up. Regards, Dana. so
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    1x1 Matrix keypad

    If you are really short of pins, even using a matrix, there is always this - http://www.ignorantofthings.com/2018/07/the-perfect-multi-button-input-resistor.html Regards, Dana.
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    offset voltage in fully differential switched capacitor amplifiers

    Seems like although there are offsets architecture and differential operation eliminate them. http://www.seas.ucla.edu/brweb/teaching/AIC_Ch12.pdf Regards, Dana.
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    Common emitter amplifier simulation - 1 mV to 100 mV

    My error, did not compute classic Ztotal. .98 is correct. Back to school for me..... Regards, Dana.
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    Using an interrupt to enable another interrupt

    Thats a lot of potential stack push inside first interrupt which will limit min pulse width measurement. Why not first edge set a flag, return and then turn on second ISR outside first interrupt. Remember to define flag as "volatile"...
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    Common emitter amplifier simulation - 1 mV to 100 mV

    Your 1 uF Xc is 159 ohms at 1 Khz, so you have a V divider with 1 K load of ~ .86. But thats not the whole story, as pointed out by others here. Regards, Dana.

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