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  1. betwixt

    How to Store Boolean Array into External EEPROM?

    You haven't specified which language you want to use but the principle is the same for all. This is an example in C: char Value = 0; Value |= BoolValue1; Value |= (BoolValue2 << 1); Value |= (BoolValue3 << 2); Value |= (BoolValue4 << 3); Value |= (BoolValue5 << 4); Value |= (BoolValue6 << 5)...
  2. betwixt

    How to program the Arduino to make the servo do variable speed movement?

    Normally PWM would be used but it depends on the actual servo driver you have used. Can you post its specification or a link to it please. Brian.
  3. betwixt

    [General] DC Motor Interfacing using 8051

    Then exceeding the current rating isn't the cause if the MOSFET is rated at 19+ Amps and you are only passing a few mA. Somehow you are exceeding the voltage rating and my guess is it isn't Drain to Source but something wrong with the gate drive signal. Please do as Klaus asks and show a...
  4. betwixt

    How to Store Boolean Array into External EEPROM?

    A bool is normally a '1' or a '0'. Either store the bool as one value per eeprom address (16 addresses) or convert it to two 8-bit values (think of bit shifting) and store it as two bytes (2 addresses). Brian.
  5. betwixt

    [General] DC Motor Interfacing using 8051

    Are you saying they short out with ONLY a 100K and LED as the load or that the resistor and LED are across a real motor? Brian.
  6. betwixt

    During the execution of third machine cycle of IN 80H instruction, what will be the value at lower order address bus?

    Doesn't the 8085 data sheet show details of bus cycle timing? Being honest, I haven't checked myself but every other MCU I've used has timing diagrams for memory and IO operations, especially where shared bus use is concerned. Brian.
  7. betwixt

    Clap switch not working plz help

    Be careful, I suspect you might be shorting out the battery and it could be dangerous. The PCB should have shiny copper traces between the connections and you should be able to see the board material (the substrate) between the copper traces. From the picture it appears the copper was not fully...
  8. betwixt

    Clap switch not working plz help

    The schematic simply makes no sense at all. The 4017 is a 10-stage Johnson counter which is completely useless in this application and is wired wrongly according to the schematic anyway. I suspect it should be a different IC type altogether, where did you find the schematic? The pin numbers...
  9. betwixt

    Hex to ASCII for UART

    Precisely! - John99407, you have to pass the character (or byte from the I2C device) to BinToAsc() as I described in the second code part of post #2. Substitute the byte for the 'A' and let the UART_send_char() pass it to the serial output. Brian.
  10. betwixt

    Contactless and wire-less power coupling?

    FAR simpler than that. The tuning is obviously set to be fairly close to optimum but there is nothing to control it except the coupling to the secondary. You can do it with two transistors (one if you are careful!). Just use a center tapped primary as the collector load and cross couple the...
  11. betwixt

    Clap switch not working plz help

    The schematic is nonsense. The PCB doesn't look to be etched properly. Brian.
  12. betwixt

    Contactless and wire-less power coupling?

    Consider something much simpler - a self oscillating push-pull LC circuit. If you make one side a fixed frequency you have to tune the other side to match for best efficiency. If you let the coupling coils (primary-secondary) interact they will find their own resonance. I'm still puzzled why...
  13. betwixt

    Contactless and wire-less power coupling?

    It's well proven technology, the biggest problem is the time it takes to charge the battery which, depending on usage and battery capacity might be several hours. Brian.
  14. betwixt

    Hex to ASCII for UART

    You will have to convert the single character 'A' to two characters '4' and '1' then display them both. There are several ways, easiest is to use the sprintf() command but it uses lots of memory or you can do it this way: unsigned char BinToAsc(unsigned char BinValue) { BinValue &= 0x0F...
  15. betwixt

    [PIC] How can I generate square pulses of 50Hz from PIC16F676 in Mikroc.

    1. configure a timer so it rolls over from maximum to zero 100 times a second (100Hz) 2. enable the interrupt for that timer. 3. write an interrupt routine that toggles the state of the pin you want. A better method than 3 above is to simply increment a counter at every interrupt then copy the...
  16. betwixt

    Isolated SMPS feedback with current source?

    An internal current source, particularly if it supplies constant current will result in the voltage being proportional to optocoupler conduction. It makes little difference whether the current comes from an external resistor or an internal current generator. From a production point of view it...
  17. betwixt

    SPI Level Shifter

    -CS doesn't seem to be an issue but we need to see the relationship between the clock and data line edges to see if it is being latched properly. Your DIN=>MOSI looks suspicious, the level shifter would never allow a floating (half supply) condition because it has pull-up resistors at both...
  18. betwixt

    Machine learning algorithms for classification and identification of file formats

    Linux has a command called "file" which you follow with the path to the file you want to investigate. It returns an analysis of the file type. As it is open source, looking at the way "file" works should give you some ideas. Brian.
  19. betwixt

    X9C103 changing to MAX5451 or MAX5389

    Using an alternative digital potentiometer is easy as long as you send it the correct bytes to control it. Why do you need such precision to control the RT pin on the SG3525 though? Brian.
  20. betwixt

    Laptop IP addresses, automation issues using multiple wifi networks

    That is correct Klaus, you ARE an expert :) The MAC is supposed to be unique to the device connecting to the network and although it often can be changed, you open up a whole load of problems, clashing numbers and unrecognized devices. It is normally pre-programmed by the device manufacturer...

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