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    anyone have cshift function file

    anyone have cshift function file so pleasemail me
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    ber performance pedestrian A in matlab

    if anyone know about how to plot the BER in Pedestrian A so please please tell me , in OFDM 16 QAM
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    please check this code and give me the suggestion about this , this is OFDM TX

    % No.of Carriers: 64 % Single frame size: 68 bits % Total no. of Frames: 100 % Modulation: 16-QAM % No. of Pilots: 4 % Cylic Extension: 25%(16) close all clear all clc %OFDM TRANSMISSION %% Block 1 (SERIAL DATA SOURCE GENERATOR) % Generating and coding data t_data=randint(9600,1)'; x=1...
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    want coding for this matlab plot

    **broken link removed**
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    fiber optic pressure sensor schematic circuit diagram

    i need the schematic circuit diagram of fiber optic pressure sensor , if anybody have please give it to me ,
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    OFDM Multipath Channel

    friends i need matlab coding on OFDM multipath channel Receiver . please help me . give me some examples.

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