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    i wanna learn visual c++ for encryption

    Codeproject.com and codeguru.com are good :)
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    Help Accounting software in VB.Net

    hxxp://cris.siteburg.com register here and search for database design books in vb.net they are available in plenty
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    how to access parallel port in c++

    under winNT and above direct access is forbidden. you will have to use application available to bypass this OS feature
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    C++ - International Characters

    the code posted above will not work as it only recognises single byte char and not DBCS or MBCS
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    Help me improve a Password Generator program

    Re: Password Generator use already available password breakers
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    File comparing algorithm

    goto code project.com and search in c# projects. there is a sample that does all this.
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    Possible to monitor the PCI or PCI Express bus in real time

    Re: Possible to monitor the PCI or PCI Express bus in real t yes . search in google with "monitor PCI bus software" keyword
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    visual c++ SDK or MFC

    check codeguru.com also. your reference point should be the forum in it
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    [help] How to access PCI bus

    hi to access the PCI bus you need to get hold of the PCI config space and cycle around the devices in it till you get the device that you want to control. one you get the base address of the device you want to control in the memory, you can use the IO commands. search for PCI config space in...

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