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    The circuit of a phase comparator (both analog and digital)

    use lm565 as phase comparator Razavi's analog IC book has this kind of circuits, and also many PLL books have such circuit
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    Implementing 2 inputs and gate with mux(2:1)

    Re: Interview question roughly every digital circuit books give many different styles of logic, for ex Rabaey's book. including mux logic
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    Microwave Engineering

    what do you understand by microwave engineering ? i have to say this books lack any treatment on the wave nature of uWave engineering
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    Question about low voltage transistors

    Re: low voltage transistors uaully this means the power supply voltage for the whole chip, of course it aplies to all transsitors. but for certain applications, although low power voltage is used, its internal power unit cracks up the voltage for supporting the remaining chip, this is not...
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    Why and how to use the transfer function?

    Re: why transfer function? because this fucntion tersely gives many important features of the system regarding its input/output. it is essentially a frequency-domain concepts
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    Why does America use 60 Hz and the rest of the world 50 Hz ?

    Re: WHY 50/60 Hz???????? i suspect the frequency has something to do with the way of the generator working. also, 60/50 look pretty arbitrary, actually in Japan there are both 60/50 systems/areas
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    What is an FPGA (hardware or software)?

    Re: F.P.G.A it is a piece of hardware, usually a big chip, which is assembled on a circuit board with all supporting circuitry. it can be programmed by you to execute certain fucntion, such as working as a data filter. usually programming it is done by downloading some configuration file to...
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    Transitors are not passive why?

    active component means it can amplify signal
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    Why working with op-amps is so popular ?

    Re: working with op-amps yes, opamp will for surely rule for a long long time, so far there is no its subsititute for it. also research and development ofr opamp never stop. so studying for opamp will be surely rewarding
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    What does metastability mean in electronics?

    Re: Electronics i think it is just means that the device may settle to either one of possible two statable states
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    What is an oscillator with quadrature outputs ?

    Re: Oscillator questions i think this name is bacuase that 90 degree is 1/4 of 360 degree, thus quardrature
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    what is meant by the following terms

    chanel equalization means compensating the system response with the intent to get a satisfatory response for interested bands, for example, get linear phase response for different frequency carrier means the modulating frequency, offset is the diference between carrier and the frequency in interest
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    Looking for tutorials on designing with finite state machine

    Re: Finite state machine there is a book, its name: embedded system design Author: marwedel which may address your problems. it is in the edaboard ebook forum, the upload-doanload forum. You can find its link over there.
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    i think it will be cool if you can put in a controllable load for your power supplier, such as a load that can drain variable frequency of voltage/current. and if you can dynomically display the status of loading and supplying, the problem will be super
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    How to do the ac stability simulation of bandgap circuit?

    Re: How to do the ac stability simulation of bandgap circuit do we need to worry about loading issue when studying feedback's effect? if considering loading issue, the problem will be a little more trickier
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    Recommendation for op-amp?

    i think he is talking about how to design such a chip, what config to use, etc.
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    Looking for a current control circuit

    Re: help me i think you should make clean what you need and what the context is for your problem, otherwise, no one can know what you exactly mean
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    Phase Margin and Gain Margin

    phase margin and gain margin Both margins are used to measure how stable the system is. For phase margin it is the phase difference to 180 degree when the gain is 1 for gain margin, it is the gain when the phase shift reach 180 degree. so it is two faces of the same coin. just rememebr when...
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    capacitor and inductor opposition theory

    the physical reason for the capacitor is that its voltage across it cannot be build instantly, it needs certain time to charge itself, thus it appears like it has opposition to the change of voltage similar thing happens to inductor, since it cannot changes current through it abruptly due to...
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    Methods for TTL line protection

    Re: TTL line protection i am wondering whether this can be done on an IC?

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