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    PC based Spectrum Analyzer

    hi everyone.. i'm currenyly developing this project for my degree project.. the problem is i don't have sufficient information how to develop it.. the hardware will be used is TMS320C6713 dsp board.. may someone help me? thanks. :D:D
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    hello.. i'm on the same thing too..maybe we can work it out together.. but i'm designing the filters in xilinx..
  3. K

    digital filter design

    thanks.. i'm trying..maybe you should be my sifu..:D:D Added after 1 minutes: :arrow:karma_susila@yahoo.com glad to hear from you soon..:D
  4. K

    digital filter design

    thanks a lot..i really appreciate it.
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    digital filter design

    hello.. i'd been ask to design a digital filter using FPGA for my bachelor project.. it's typically design using dsp processor.. where should i start?VHDL such an alien for me..:|:| may someone help me,please?:idea:

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